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3 for 2 Books and Activities for Kids Sale!

One of my favorite stock up on sticker books, activity books, bedtime stories, and activities to keep my kids busy is here! Target and Amazon do this sale a few times a year, and I always restock our quiet time bins with activities for my kids.

With summer around the corner, it’s a great time to take advantage of this sale and stockpile a few items. We also love gifting a small activity and a book for Valentine’s Day. Did I mention Easter is right around the corner? I swear as a mom, my job to keep a few sticker books, coloring books, and festive gifts for holidays is just always in season! Ha! 

That’s why I think now is a great time to snag this 3 for 2 Book sale

If you’re looking on Amazon, here’s a link to the landing Page: 

AMAZON 3 for 2 Sale Page 

But I’ve learned that Target not only matches the Amazon items, they usually include about double the inventory of items! We love paint by sticker kids books, and while a handful are on sale at Amazon, the entire line is included in the sale at Target. 

You can order online and get free delivery with $35 worth of items (never a hard number for me to reach when it come to Target!). You can also have items shipped to the store for free pickup. 

Check out the Target Buy 2 Get One Free sale, here’s the link to their landing page: 

TARGET 3 for 2 Sale Page 

And here’s a roundup of favorite activity and sticker books included in the sale if you need some ideas! 

Kid\'s Christmas tree idea.


Activities for Kids

But it gets even better! If you’re looking for some fun activity or craft kits to keep kids busy, there are so many good items included in this sale! 
My kids just fell in love with Kinetic Sand, which was a bit of a sticker shock to get a few bags to make a sensory bin. A good friend messaged me asking if I’d noticed that Kinetic Sand is included in this sale! Both on Amazon and on Target
There are so many good kits under $20 that would make perfect Easter basket gifts, and when you can get one free it’s a great time to get one! 
If you’re looking for some boredom busters or easy activities for kids, here’s a ton we recommend

There’s a ton more! Lots of books, movies, and toy items are included too! But these are our personal favorites we use and love (and are also buying) to use in our home! 

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