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One of the Best Baby Shower Ideas

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I sat reading stacks of books to my toddler the other day, and it dawned on me just how much one baby shower idea we used in our baby shower theme and baby shower invite was such a winner, and is something we’re still using almost two years later every single day. I’ve wanted to share it since we were so blessed at the baby shower, but now that I’m reaping the benefits years later and spending so much time using these treasures, I couldn’t keep my favorite modern baby shower idea to myself any longer!

one of the best baby shower ideas: a baby shower gift that the baby and mom will cherish throughout the child's life

One of my friends had a baby a year before I did, and I saw something on the invite that I just loved. It had a little poem that read,

“Just one request we hope that isn’t too hard 

Please bring baby a book instead of a card

By signing your book we will remember and share 

Your special gift, even when you’re not there.” 

I started to do the math realizing that the cost of a book is a lot more than the cost of the card but quickly changed my thoughts to thinking how wise this mom-to-be and friends and family throwing the shower were to help her build a library for this baby. And so, you’d better believe we copied it when that blessed day came that I was finally expecting a baby of my own!

Our baby boy shower theme was “Welcome to the World” with travel decor, pictures of his parent’s international trips displayed, and globes and suitcases everywhere. I loved that this fit us so well, we’ve lucky our baby has already earned a few stamps on his passport, and I love that it’s a great gender neutral baby shower idea that works for any expecting parents! I also loved that this idea of adventure through reading worked so well as one of our baby shower ideas.

One of the Best Baby Shower Ideas we're still loving two years later: Baby Shower Invite Welcome to the World

Can I tell you the response we had requesting a book instead of a card because it was almost overwhelming! Almost everyone included a book! There was no pressure to do so, but I was grateful so many did! Some opted to buy a new book and include it in addition to the gift (those generous souls), many had their children choose a favorite book from their own personal libraries that were loved and treasured with sweet notes saying it had been pre-loved just like this baby was (my pregnant hormones and mushy heart melted for sure). My friends who live far away picked their (affiliate) favorite from Amazon and wrote a sentimental message to tape inside the book, and I got to feel this deep love and connection from those who couldn’t be present. Many stocked up on the affordable Kohl’s Cares books, which we’ve also utilized often for our library building. Books came in so many shapes and sizes and conditions, and there was just so many sweet messages written that are treasures to us!

one of the best baby shower ideas: a baby shower gift that the baby and mom will cherish throughout the child's life

And now that my toddler could spend several hours a day on his mom’s lap reading books and re-reading books, I love that sometimes I flip open to those sweet messages and read them too and tell him about our friends and family who loved him so. I know as he gets older he’ll love hearing that one book came from another kid’s library, and one book came from San Fransico, and one book was mailed by a great aunt who couldn’t fly, but I can share her other life adventures, and he can have additional stories to treasure about the real people we know and love.

I gleaned a great library start that day, and I learned a lot of new titles I have never heard before, plus I was gifted several of our favorite books we’ve added to our Top 20 List I wrote about. But best of all, we were gifted learning and knowledge, and sentimentality in a tangible form, and that may be the best baby shower idea of them all!

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