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Welcome to the World Baby Shower

If you’re really lucky in life, God blesses you with some amazing friends and family. I think having a baby shower is a moment in my life I almost choke up every time I think about. There are few times you feel so loved and so supported!
My sisters were kind enough to throw me a shower with a theme that just fit us perfectly- “Welcome to the World!” complete with design and branding done by my very talented little sister.

There were globes, maps, and easy come-and-go games to enjoy. I also loved that pictures of our travels were posted with the decor. We’ve been so blessed to go so many places, and oh how we want to take this little boy so many more with us!

Welcome to the world baby shower decor.

The food had international themes, of course most are Americanized but it’s the idea that counts! We had cupcakes with flags from every country, macaroons, French pastries, and an Italian soda bar in the sweet realm.

Welcome to the world baby shower food table.


Welcome to the world baby shower decorations.

Individual bean dips may be my new favorite thing.

Welcome to the world baby shower individual bean dip cups.

Greek salad, croissants, Swedish meatballs, and potstickers also made an appearance.

Welcome to the world baby shower food table.


Welcome to the world baby shower tablescape with decorations and food.

It was come-and-go, so a steady stream of people stopping in just warmed my heart. There were people from all walks of my life- teacher friends, church friends, single’s ward friends, grad school friends, high school friends, friends that knew Jacob first and then let me in on their friendships, friends we double with, my parents’ friends who I know and love, blogging friends, and so much family. We stopped to get a group picture at one point of the shower, and I’m only sad we didn’t do more!

Welcome to the world baby shower group picture.

Oh my were we spoiled! This is going to be one well-dressed, well-read little human! People’s generosity is so humbling and overwhelming. I felt so loved, and so much joy for this little miracle baby of ours!

Welcome to the world baby shower mom with pile of presents.

I’m so grateful to all who came, all who mailed gifts since so many friends are so far away, and particularly for the amazing women in my family who gave so much to throw a party and welcome this new little grandchild/nephew into the world!

Welcome to the world baby shower expecting mom with hosts.

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  1. The individual bean dips are genius! Definitely on my next party list

  2. Jenna Foote says:

    I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the invite!

  3. Bethany Lambson says:

    You didn't tell us where your darling dress is from! 🙂

  4. Christine Everyday says:

    Looks like so much fun!!

  5. Sabra Gilbert says:

    That looked like so much fun!!! 🙂