London Day 4: Kensington Palace

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Kensington Palace

Cost: £15.00 (BOGO free available with train pass)
Time: 2 hours
When in London you must go see at least one palace. We decided since Buckingham is only open a few months of the year, and wasn’t open while we were there, we would go where other royals live and see the home of Will and Kate.

Okay, they don’t let tourists into their area of Kensington Palace, but they will let you tour some apartment areas for guests and see the historical living area of Albert and Victoria.

 We learned pretty quickly that Londoners are very respectful of their royalty, but they definitely have their favorites! Many king and queens are treated well, but their spouses are never considered the king or queen. There are also those they’d rather not become royals, and we heard quite a bit how much most hope Charles turns down the crown and gives it to Will and Kate who they adore.
It was interesting to see that Albert and Victoria were a romance story much like Will and Kate, and that they were loved and respected. Their love story was symbolized and told throughout the palace.


They also had 9 children, so infer what you will about that…
Their clothes were amazing!


Victoria had no interest in marriage until Albert changed her mind. It reminded us quite a bit of our story, which made me more grateful for the wonderful men who convince women to overcome fears and see the good catches who are out there!
I loved her wedding dress- what a tiny frame! Kensington Palace Tour

 “I said I couldn’t think of marrying for three or four years; but seeing Albert has changed all this.” There you go hopeless romantics!

And here is my favorite tourist looking at artifacts behind Albert’s wedding attire.


The British are more polite by far, even in their out of order signs…
One thing I loved learning about Queen Victoria and Albert’s relationship is their joy in riding horses together. They often left just the two of them to spend time together. What a cool queen- what a great couple!
No wonder she experienced so much depression when Albert died young.





You know the scene in The Emperor’s New Groove where the towns people come to complain or ask favors of the emperor? Well this was that very place for the king and queen!
 No detail left untouched in a palace…





 The details of their clothes blew me away! Even the shoes had diamonds!
And can you image wearing this? It took six boys to carry the train behind the king!




We enjoyed our time in Kensington Palace, particularly the historical part. I also read that they’ll be opening an exhibit later this summer about Royal’s fashion- Princess Diana and Kate dresses will be on display. So if you’re a history and fashion buff- this is a must see in London!

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  1. Shannon b says:

    Ok, I love every part of this place! Thanks for all the info and the pictures!

  2. Chrissy Delacy says:

    I decided after reading this that I need shoes with diamonds. Thank you Brits. 🙂 also, when I get married I think I also need to borrow that dress, think they will let me?

  3. Reading this post totally made me look up their love story- so sweet! I love that you are taking this trip and post about it. The nine kid comment totally made me snort laugh 🙂

  4. I LOVE the story of Albert and Victoria! That is so cool you got to see all that–totally makes me want to go!