About Us

Meet the Whitings!

We’re the tale of a marriage-a-phobe abuse victim meets kindly rocket scientist who convinces her to believe in love again. We made a pact when we got married to keep love alive and marriage strong by going on one date a week no matter what, and Friday We’re in Love was born to keep us accountable with some pictures and recaps.

After 6+ years of marriage and dating weekly, we’re still going strong! It’s been a joy of our lives and relationship even through years of infertility, health problems, and the ups and downs of life. As we’ve grown together, this site has grown too, sharing our life as well as our love.

Camille has been a project manager in interactive marketing, a high school English teacher, and an MBA student during our time together. She’s now running the blog and doing digital content strategy and analytics consulting on the side as a work-at-home mom. Jacob is an electrical engineer consultant and has worked in power engineering, and as a rocket scientist- which Camille will forever teasingly call him.

Our greatest loves aside from each other include traveling the world, running and marathon training, reading, cooking, baking, having new experiences, and doing things we’ve never done before. But perhaps most of all, our greatest love has come from becoming parents to our miracle baby in 2015.

On this blog you can expect fun date ideas, family activities/family dates, parenting, recipes, fashion/personal style, beauty, home projects and decor, travel adventures, health and fitness, and some business/blogging posts too.

We’re so glad you stopped by, and we hope you find inspiration to go out and create your own memories feeling the lyrics “Friday I’m in Love”.


Camille’s Favorite Dates:

Romantic Paddleboats

The Eiffel Tower Picnic

The Lantern Fest


Jacob’s Favorite Dates:

Painting Starry Night

Exploring Macchu Picchu

Seeing Hamilton the Musical


  • I will never be the same   Theres nothinghellip
  • I knew Id be happy sitting on the couch talkinghellip
  • Seeing new cities and visiting new places with my favoritehellip
  • I cant get over how amazingly beautiful Switzerland is! Ihellip
  • Its amazing how even when youre far from home hellip
  • Good news we survived the long flights with a toddlerhellip