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Meet the Whitings….

Camille:                                                                                    Jacob:


Project Manager for an interactive marketing                         Rocket Scientist (literally), Electrical Engineer



                                                                   Not too long ago….

7 year high school English teacher/yearbook                          Energy Engineer


 School days

BYU grad, Studied English teaching, then                              ASU grad, Studied Electrical Engineering

down to business for her MBA at ASU


Birth order matters

4th of 6                                                                                            4th of 10


Dark chocolate, graham crackers,                                             Fresh baked cookies, Dr. Pepper, ice cream

frozen yogurt                                                                                  sandwiches

                                                                  Besides Dating

Running, reading, cooking, fashion                                          Reading, building, fixing, baking

Favorite Date

Kayaking the Bioluminescent Bays of                                      The Art of Merlot, painting Starry Night

Puerto Rico 


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