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10 Gifts Under $10

I shared my guide to 50 stocking stuffers for him, but thought I’d better add some gift ideas for her to the mix too. Here are 10 things I’d love to receive myself, and best of all, all these gift ideas are $10 or less! 

10 Gifts Under $10

Nail Polish Strips 

I’m in love with these! They go on like a sticker, are easy to apply, and fool-proof, and they last about 2 weeks! Any nail polish lover of any age will love these $5-$9 items.

Maybelline 24 Hour Lip Color  
We’re talking a game-changer here- feels like chapstick, dries quickly, keeps lips moist, and it won’t smudge or kiss-off for 24 hours. At $6.74 a pop with color and gloss, you can’t beat it in any color! I wrote a whole post about kiss-proof lipstick and my favorite affordable options this year, and this was definitely my favorite!

The Girl on the Train
Any book is great gift in my opinion, but this one is one my female coworkers couldn’t stop talking about. For months all books were compared to this standard. If she hasn’t seen the movie, well hey, maybe even if she has, this is a thriller that she’s bound to bind irresistible!

Vintage Style Earrings
These never go out of style, but the rose gold is perfectly on-trend right now too. Allergy-friendly, classy, and affordable.

Dry Shampoo
Giving the gift of one less wash and dry let alone several fewer washes and drys is something you can’t understand the depth of until you’ve experienced it. Dry Shampoo is a girl’s best friend, and this holiday set is one anyone with hair would love!

Gift Ideas Under $10

Travel Nail Kit
Snagged or chipped nails can be a pain on the go, and I think it’s one thing most women wish they had easily on hand but just don’t typically have. Save the problem with a cute, functional, cheap, tiny nail kit on the go.

Monogrammed Mug
There’s something personal and thoughtful about a monogrammed mug with her initial. This particularly cute mug is perfect for any coffee, hot chocolate, or tea lover in your life.

A Cute Notebook
Coming from one of the most anti-paper digital girls out there, I’m telling you we all need at least one paper notebook in our lives for certain notes or doodles. Make it a cute and thoughtful one that fits her personality and you’ll win big.

Purse Holder 
It hold all our valuables, and if you’re our significant other lots of yours, and it’s not so fun to put your purse on the floor at a restaurant or theater. These handy little clips can be a life saver keeping them out of the way and off the floor.

Latte Bowls  
It doesn’t matter if she’s a chef or a cereal connoisseur, most women are huge fans of these Anthropologie staple, and they are perfect for the kitchen, the office, or to hold trinkets at home. (You can buy them in sets online or in singles in store)

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