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5 Prime Deals You Probably Missed

1. That Target is Running Matching Deals and Often Beating Amazon! 

Target is rocking the deals just as much or even more than Amazon today! 
They are doing tons of bonus deals and deep discounts on so many items! 

Clothes are 30% off, and a bunch of other deals are being rocked at Target! 

Did I mention Walmart is doing amazing deals too!?! Be sure to check out their promos this week as well! 

2. Smart Home Items 

People get excited about the fun big things

  • Smart Locks
    Save $75 on Select August Locks and get a free Echo Dot(3rd Gen)
  • Smart Home Security Products
    Save up to 30% off Arlo Smart Home Security Products
  • Smart Garage Hub
    After we bought a smart doorbell, this was our first smart home product! Jacob gave me a myQ Smart Garage Hub that we’ve loved! No more wondering if the garage door is down. We can let repair people or family members in our home while we’re away. Plus you can integrate with your Amazon deliveries and have them delivered in your garage. 
    I did a sponsored post with them last year when they rolled this out if you want to read more details. Spoiler alert, I’m an even bigger fan after using it a full year later! 
  • Smart Home Products up to 35% Off
    LevitonKasa make smart light switches and plugs. We have them both in our home and they are excellent products that integrate with Alexa or Google Home easily! 

3. Security Systems 

We invested in one of these a few years ago when Jacob started traveling more for work. We only pay $15 a month for monitoring and have loved our system we got on a great sale
Similarly, we own some Blink Cameras to monitor outside and love that there are no monthly fees after you purchase the cameras! 

4. Household Items 

You know those things you need to buy to keep your household running? You might as well stock up on toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and hair products while they’re on amazing sale! 

Don’t miss out on beauty and makeup deals. Your favorite, regularly used items are likely on sale right now! I found my favorite foundation, favorite mascara, shampoo, and even the liquid vitamins I’ve been using on major sales this week!

And my boys are getting a medicine cabinet restock too! 

5. Audible Membership 

An Audible membership is an on an amazing promo: 2 months free with 2 free audiobooks and thousands of books you can stream for free! You can cancel any time and pay nothing!
If you or your kids like audiobooks at all, you should make sure to snag this while you can! 

Plus you can snag kid’s tablets half off for audiobook listening, and Amazon Echos on an amazing sale to help you listen to your audiobooks at home! 



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