Amazon Prime Day: The Best Deals of Prime Day 2023

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Happy Prime Day 2023! It’s two days of some of the best deals of the year! This is how we stock up for holidays and save a ton of money! I’ve scoured all the deals for you to help you catch the very best deals of Prime Day!

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Prime Day Deals
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Let’s Catch the Best Prime Day Deals!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime and want in on the deals, you can do a Free Prime Trial and cancel before the 30 days is up without having to spend a penny. But if you’re a Prime regular and lover, it’s like the Superbowl day of Prime shopping!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for deal hunters: move over Black Friday, it’s Amazon Prime Day! I’ve done a ton of compare and contrast, and I typically find much better deals on Amazon during Prime Day deal promotions than any other day of the year. That includes Black Friday!

If you’re in the market for big items, this is the week you’ll save big and the time to pull the trigger: household appliances, kitchen appliances, toys for birthdays and Christmas, and fun tech items are all great buys right now!

I always love sharing the deals I think are tops and are absolutely worth it!

Prime Day 2023

Deals on Amazon Devices

Kids Fire HD Tablet
  • Echo Dot
    Save 50% on their most popular smart speaker. These are great to add to every room to play music and extend your Alexa in all your spaces. Use them for sound machines, to help kids listen to audiobooks, as an intercom system, timers, etc.
  • Echo Show
    These are fantastic to keep in your kitchen to show recipes, see who is at the front door if you have a Ring or a Nest, and to get quick information with a screen.
    Save up to big on Echo Show devices. Get the Echo Show for more than half off!
  • Ring Doorbell
    It’s game-changing to be able to see who is at the door when the doorbell rings, and monitor your front porch when you’re not home! Save 30% on Ring devices!
  • Smart TV Deals
    Fire TV Edition Smart TVs start at double digits! We’re talking some pretty amazing smart TVs for under $200!
  • Blink Cameras
    If you’re looking to monitor your home while you’re away (for safety or to keep an eye on pets) these are such affordable options! It’s our secret to how we travel and keep an eye on things while we’re away from home.
  • Save Big on the Kindle Kids Edition.
    If you have an avid reader and limited bookshelf space, I can’t recommend this enough! I know adults love using the Kids version to save money and avoid ads too (hello life hack)!

Deals for Parents

  • Bentgo Kids Lunchboxes
    This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen on them! We have a full Bentgo Lunchbox Review to hear all our raves for this product.

    I can’t believe how much easier these made packing a lunch for school last year! They’re so easy to clean, completely leak-proof, and make it so you can throw together leftovers of what you have on hand for fun lunches!
    Get two per kid, that way you can always have one in the dishwasher and one ready to go!
Bentgo Lunchbox and review of Bentgo lunchboxes for kids.
  • Kids Bluetooth Headphones 
    These are the greatest thing for noise management, travel, quiet time, and online classes! You can pair them to any device at home (stream from your phone, a tablet, etc.) and kid’s ears are protected. We’ve had ours for four years and they still work amazing!

Smart Home Deals

  • iRobot Romba Vacuums
    Save up to 40% on iRobot Roomba vacuums. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! We’ve tried a few brands of robot vacuums I can’t even tell you how superior iRobot Roomba vacuums are! They are smarter and more durable. They last longer and clean better.
    We have both the basic model (which works great) and splurged last year to get a mapping version. We love them all! But several are 50% off– one of the best deals this year! We tell our smart devices to clean a room and the Roomba heads right there and cleans with vacuum lines in no time flat. If you’ve considered an upgrade, this is the time to do it and make your home about 1000% cleaner!
  • Smart Locks
    Save big on Select August Locks 
  • Smart Home Security Products
    Save up to 35% off Arlo Smart Home Security Products
  • Smart Garage Hub
    After we bought a smart doorbell, this was our first smart home product! Jacob gave me a myQ Smart Garage Hub that we’ve loved! No more wondering if the garage door is down. We can let repair people or family members in our home while we’re away. Plus you can integrate with your Amazon deliveries and have them delivered in your garage. 
    I’m an even bigger fan after using it a full year later!
  • Smart Home Products
    Leviton, Kasa make smart light switches and plugs. We have them both in our home and they are excellent products that integrate with Alexa or Google Home easily!

Book Deals

Target is having the best book deal: Spend $20 Get $5 off It’s a great time to stock up on STICKER BOOKS for kids to use during quiet time!

Toys and Games/Kids Deals

Amazon Prime Day Toy Deals


Date Night Deals: Fun Items for Date Night 

Home & Kitchen Deals

Amazon Fashion Deals


Amazon Brands

  • Luggage and Travel Gear
    Save up to 40% on AmazonBasics products including luggage and travel gear It’s a great to time grab packing cubes: read all about our love for packing cubes here! 
  • Amazon Home
    Home furnishings and kitchen essentials are also on great sale! If you need to update the style of your home or any kitchen items, check out their sales page!

Additional Deals from Across Amazon

  • Amazon Music Unlimited
    If you haven’t tried Amazon Music Unlimited, you can for just $0.99 for four months!
  • Prime Video:
    Tons of movie deals for renting or buying for your next movie night!
    A full list of Prime Video deals, including the offer window for each, can be found at
  • Kindle Unlimited:
    New customers to Kindle Unlimited get 2 free months with a new subscription
  • Audible Deals
    First up there’s a 2 free months of Audible, get 2 free audiobooks, and cancel any time. Yep, you read that right, you can the freebies and cancel without paying a thing.
    This is something our family uses and purchases audiobooks galore on with discount prices! Plus, Audible members will also get access to the Plus catalog, featuring more than 10K Audible Originals, audiobooks, wellness programs and podcasts, all available on an all-you-can-listen basis.

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