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Bentgo Lunchbox Review

An unpaid review of the Bentgo Lunchbox and a roundup of 8 reasons why so many families recommend a Bentgo kid’s lunchbox!

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Bentgo Box Lunch Box 

If you’re on Instagram or TikTok, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Bentgo lunchbox. They have almost a cultic following and people love to share lunch ideas and creative uses.

Is it worth the cost?

I have to admit I was a little bit grouchy when I first saw the price tag. A Bentgo Amazon sale helped me ease into buying a Bentgo shark lunch box (this exact model) and a rocket ship lunch box I knew my kids would love.

I was immediately impressed with the quality and functionality. But I can honestly say a month into school lunches later, we’ve more than recouped the cost! I can’t believe how much we love them and much money we’ve saved using them!

Bentgo Lunchbox review with a Bentgo kids lunchbox inside a lunch bag.

Why we love Bentgo lunch boxes: 

Less Mess

They’re leakproof! They seal in everything, even sauces, and syrup. No mess and tons of places for a variety of food items. 

The Layout

The compartments. Instead of a sandwich spot and a side spot, you get 5 places of various sizes to stash food. This leads to a lot more variety and creativity with lunch options!

Ease of cleaning. 

I am a fan of anything I can throw in my dishwasher. The entire lunch box comes apart and it’s dishwasher safe. For the exact reason, I recommend getting two of them so you can always have one clean and make sure they’re sanitized. 

Faster to pack. 

We’ve got a really good group of grabbing a protein, a carbohydrate, and some produce to pack in our lunch every day. Additionally, knowing that little equation has made it so much faster to pack a lunch!

Get to Use Leftovers 

Maybe my favorite thing is the ability to pack leftovers for lunch! whenever I’m cleaning up dinner, I grab a lunchbox and add a few items quickly and easily. Particularly with the Chill Bentgo Box version, things stay cold until lunch. Using leftovers for lunch has made lunches so much easier, and my son loves the variety!

Less waste

I can’t believe how much waste we avoid using our Bentgo boxes! Between sandwich bags and having to buy prepackaged snacks and items, it really adds up a lot! 

Not only are we avoiding a lot more plastic waste, but there’s also a lot less food waste since we get to use leftovers or just grab handfuls of snacks we already have in our pantry. 

Types of Bentgo Lunchboxes including Bentgo Kids and Bentgo Chill lunchboxes in a row.


My kids are tough on, well, anything. I love the drop-proof design made for little hands and clumsy drops.


They also do a 2-year warranty, so you know you’re set for at least two years with any Bentgo lunchbox you purchase!

It’s been a great product, and one I plan to purchase in bigger sizes and models as my kids grow!

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