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7 Days in Peru: Day 6 Lima- Parque del Amor (Park of Love) Date Night

Trip to Peru Day 6
Location: Lima- El Parque del Amor (The Park of Love) 

Cost: Free! 
Time: Plan about an hour to look at the mosaics and walk along the coast. 
After our flight back to LIma, we decided to have a romantic date night and go for a walk in El Parque del Amor, or The Park of Love. It’s a park dedicated to love full of amazing mosaic art, ocean views, and El Beso (The Kiss) by one of the most famous artists from Peru. 

The ocean views were truly breathtaking!

When we got to the park at dusk it was absolutely beautiful- and very romantic, which was just what we were hoping for.

We were so excited to share such a romantic place in the world to go on a date!

After the initial beauty we thought it would be great to walk around and read all the poems, sayings, and thoughts in the different sections. Jacob actually spent some time in Peru while training to be a missionary for our church, and he was able to see the park from a distance but not get too close. He never thought much of it, but after getting closer and reading everything he knew why!

We couldn’t believe how sad many were- unrequited love, it’s a thing. But perhaps the most shocking was the first Jacob read that had a lot of words I couldn’t understand. Many R-rated references later we decided to just laugh our heads off at it. I mean maybe a more sexual vibe is love to some people- and we just had to giggle and immaturely take pictures to send to some of our Spanish speaking friends. I wish this was the only one, but I died at the one I could understand. Something about peeling fruit and a comparison to someone’s desire later, I was like- um, yes, wow!

After a few shocking reads, we headed to the sculpture, which was a little more than PG.

But still really cool and incredible if I’m being honest.

So we looked at the beach, and it was appropriate and beautiful and romantic.

And with that lens the sculpture was even more cool, and we enjoyed seeing so many people in love at all different phases of relationships enjoying the park together. People are way more comfortable with PDA in Peru, and embracing that and appreciating the love in the world was something really amazing to see. I’d even say it turned the romantic walk by the beach into a romantic experience all over again, just in a different way than we thought.

Those different things are what makes traveling so cool, and I am grateful we go a view of what love is and what it means to many Peruvians.

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  1. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    wow! Great pics and stories. Thanks for sharing because it's definitely an intimate (lol pun!) look at another countries culture on love!

  2. Mikaela D says:

    I'm really looking forward to making my husband translate the mosaic messages for me tonight. Haha!