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7 Days in Peru: Day 6: Cusco (Part 2)

Cusco Travel Guide

Trip to Peru Day 6
Location: Cusco
Cost: Free to walk around and get acquainted and see the town. If you want to tour the cathedrals buy a pass that will get you into to all of them at any location. Individual cathedrals cost about $4 per person to enter. 
Time: Plan at least 1 hour per cathedral- any time of day is great to visit except Sunday when they closed for worship. About 2-3 hours will give you time to walk around the main parts of the city and enjoy the sites.
After an adventurous evening trying Guinea pig in Cusco, we woke up to only a half day in Cusco. And believe it or not- we woke up pretty hungry!
Some research lead us to the Qosqo Maki Panaderia for breakfast, which wasn’t far from our hotel.

If you don’t speak Spanish, panaderias are bakeries, and some of the best pastries come from there! In our travels outside the US we’ve loved bread and pastries, and swear they taste better due to the lack of additives and genetic modification. My insulin resistance even handles is better, so I was ready to bring on the carbs for breakfast- something I typically don’t get to do!

Where to get breakfast in Cusco

And you know how juicing is a big trend in the US right now? Apparently, it’s always been a thing in Peru. I loved that we could order fresh juice almost anywhere! And the platano (banana) with yogurt won me over!

Jacob was the exotic one and tried fruits we haven’t even heard of before.

And then there was chocolate and cheese filled pastries. My oh my, there’s a reason this is one of the top rated places to eat in Cusco!


Breakfast was followed with some exploring. We only saw so many cathedrals and churches on day 1, and we decided walking around and viewing the others was in order. Plus the doors, oh man, I couldn’t get over them!








Downtown Cusco

These people man, I tell you they win your heart with how loving and hardworking they are.

The people of Peru



Catholic Churches in Cusco

We were actually really sad to leave. I wish we’d had one more day in Cusco! I think 2-3 would be perfect, however, we were really grateful we had this extra half day to enjoy the food, the sites, and the people.

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