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7 Days in Peru: Day 5:Cusco- Trying Guinea Pig (Cuy) and Living to Tell About It!

Trip to Peru Day 5

Location: Cusco- Deva Restaurant 

Cost: We spent about $40 for our meal, and splurged on the delicacy 

Time: Plan at least 1 hour, but get there early- they fill up fast and the wait can get pretty long!

We had heard you must try either Cuy (guinea pig) or llama steak while in Cusco. They are delicacies, and when in Rome, err Cusco, right? After petting llamas the day before, and hearing that guinea pig actually tastes like a sweeter chicken, we opted for that at Deva Restaurant.

They start off every meal with fried corn and pisac sours. We aren’t drinkers, but appreciated the gesture and commitment to have tourists try many authentic Peruvian food staples.

Pisac Sours in Cusco Peru.

We also learned we love the lemonade, which has a bit of mint added. We started ordering a pitcher at every meal.

Trying lemonade in Cusco Peru.

We wanted to start with something safe. Quinoa is a staple there, and the quinoa con leche was seriously some of the best stuff we’ve ever had! We’ve been on the search for this recipe ever since- quinoa, cheese, various spices, and milk are divine!

Trying Guinea Pig (Cuy) in Cusco Peru.

We feel so lucky that after being immersed in Spanish it came back to us, and we were able to really enjoy the people. We had a good chat with the waiter who was studying English and hospitality, and he asked if he could take us back to the kitchen and show us how they prepare cuy, so he could practice his English. We were happy to oblige! It was quite the adventure to head back and see how they are deep fry them whole with stones to weigh them down and add flavor.

Trying Guinea Pig (Cuy) in Cusco Peru.
When it came out- it was looking at us! The waiter turned to Jacob and asked if he wanted the head cut off and re-served. Jacob didn’t even hesitate “YES PLEASE!”
Guinea Pig (Cuy) in Cusco Peru.
I want to say it was tons better, but honestly, we were a little grossed out having skin on the pieces, very little meat, and all the innards to eat around. However, we were committed and we went for it!

YouTube video

Trying Guinea Pig (Cuy) in Cusco Peru.

The verdict: It really does taste like sweeter chicken! We could only do a piece each, and then we were ready to go get some hot chocolate to fill us up and clean our palate after the unusual experience. I’m glad we tried it though- it’s a must for visiting Peru!

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  1. Sarah Woods says:

    I am so glad you tried it! I had a professor that took a study abroad trip to Equador every year and if you ate the guinea pig you didn't have to write the paper. He passed away this past year of cancer and I always think about his Equador stories and greatly regret that I never went.

  2. Ashley Nicholas says:

    Wow, that is one unique meal!! The quinoa looks awesome!

  3. I've never tried it! If it tastes like chicken, I could do it though!