D-backs Major League Baseball Game – Captured by Photography Hill

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Date Info: 
Major League Baseball Game 
Price: $15-$120 per ticket
Location: Any MLB stadium 
Website: MLB Tickets
We try to make it a point to go to at least one MLB game every summer. It’s just the American thing to do. 
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When your company has season tickets and they generously share with employees, you seize the moment and get some pretty killer seats for free.

Go to a baseball game- creative date idea

When the very talented Lydia of Photography Hill offers to take some date pictures, you jump on that. Because there are so many moments of dates we just never seem to capture on our own. Like the moments we stop to share a joke together.

Or the eating of hot dogs. That takes two hands.

Or the moment when Jacob’s tall frame and long arms beat out everyone else to get the t-shirt from the t-shirt gun.

Or the fact that we’re not big PDA people, but sometime those little moments happen. 
Summer Date Idea: Go to a baseball game

There are the normal shots we take of every date, standing in front of the location and smiling. She obliged and got those for us too.

But I think we often hire photographers for only those posed moments. I’m seeing the light and realizing that the pictures I want on my wall in my house are those candid moments- the moments when our future son hits his first baseball at a little league game. The birthday party where our daughter is dressed as a princess and acts like one. Us holding hands roller skating instead of smiling in front of the same water fountain most people in our area have a picture smiling posed in front of. Lydia is a talented portrait photographer, but she’s more than that, she’s a moments photographer who likes to get people in their natural element. We were lucky enough to have her come with us on a series of dates for an entire month. And I’m so pleased with the results of how our personalities and dates were captured in a light we, and our readers, don’t typically see.

Like how we both instinctively raise our hands and start singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th Inning Stretch.

Or the goofiness that is the Jacob Whiting. Like when he says “We could probably fit both of us in this shirt.” And then before I can look at what he’s doing, a shirt is going over my head and I’m questioning if I’m being abducted in a moment of utter uncertainty. Nope, just Jacob being hilarious and getting a shirt on both of us at once.

And me laughing so hard I cry.

And luckily Lydia was ready to capture it all. And Jacob was ready to twirl my hair, proud of his accomplishment of assaulting with a t-shirt.

And this my friends, is a picture I will always remember and treasure. The one with the beautiful lines of chairs behind us while everyone else was leaving the stadium. The one where my husband made me laugh so hard I cried. The one where we reminded ourselves that XL t-shirts that have “WE back the D-backs” were clearly designed for two people to create a memory together in.

Although Photography Hill provided the pictures for this date, and several others, the opinions are my own. She’s an amazing photographer that will capture emotion and moments in ways you never knew possible. If you are a Phoenix reader, you should seriously check Lydia’s stuff out. Because the world needs more two-person shirt wearing, inside joke capturing, and 7th Inning Stretch singing.

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  1. Ali Mills says:

    LOVE Lydia! She did amazing pictures for us too!

  2. Ashley Z. says:

    Oh my gosh! How fun is this!! Now I want a baseball hot dog!

  3. Chelsea Olivia says:

    Love these pics, you guys are so cute! I want to go to a baseball game 🙂

  4. Aww this is so fun!! I would really love to do something like this with a photographer there to capture the little moments.

  5. Lindsay Living Vegan says:

    So cool that you had a photographer come with to take pictures! Dbacks games are always so much fun to go to and it is great to get out of the heat 🙂

  6. Julianna Morlet says:

    Cute! We're Angel fans! Well, my husband is a born and bred Padres fan, but we try not to let that out too often 😉

  7. Karissa Ancell says:

    How fun, I love that you have great pictures of your date.

  8. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    The shirt sharing pics are my faaaavorite

  9. Kayli Schattner says:

    I SO SO agree about capturing candid moments– they are so much better (most of the time) then the usual smiling in front of location photos. 🙂 these were all great!

  10. Esther Ju*Lee says:

    these photos are so fun!! even though we both used to do photography for clients.. we barely ever get photos of the both of us. there's a lot of stuff that you can't capture during a session though because of how limited you are on time.. so it's great if you can have someone who's willing to come hang out on day to day events. 🙂 makes me want to call up my photog friends to hang out more often but they all live in diff cities!!

  11. Jenna Brussee says:

    Awww! You two are super cute. This is a fun date idea. There is something so American about going to a baseball game. Definitely something I try to do at least once a year.

  12. Stefany T says:

    I absolutely love that you had a photographer come and capture these moments. It is so wonderful that you have some candid things in there and things you would never get to have on your own.

  13. These pictures are so sweet! I love the idea of having a “date photographer” to capture all of those sweet memories.

  14. Love your pics! We LOVE attending MLB games and are so overdue, considering we haven't been to one since I was preggers with Maggie over 4 years ago!

  15. Samantha Horseman says:

    How sweet is this 🙂 I wish I had someone to photograph our date….but my hubs doesn't like taking pics anyway! love me some baseball in the summertime

  16. Amber Campbell says:

    How fun! I love date nights with my husband even though they are not as often as we would like. We recently took our two sons to a Dbacks game and we had a blast! How wonderful that you were able to capture such special memories!

  17. Girl In Beta says:

    It's never occurred to me to take a professional photographer to capture random candids. That's an awesome idea.

  18. Christen P says:

    You guys are so adorbs, Love when you're in the same shirt together.

  19. Rebekah Clarke says:

    You guys are so cute! What a fabulous idea to have a photographer capture moments like this, she did a great job!

  20. Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen says:

    Oh my gosh, you two are adorable! I'm so sad we haven't been able to go to a baseball game in the past two years – nevermind how close we live to two stadiums!

  21. I love going to baseball games! My husband's last firm had AMAZING seats for the Angels and I was beyond spoiled at games. Cute pictures and you're right, the candid moments are the best 🙂

  22. Chrissy Jordan says:

    I guess I must be just awkward, but unless it was my little sister (who is an amazing photographer) it would just feel forced to me, and I would be enjoying my time. But I'm pretty unphotogenic, so there's that. I agree that those candid moments are so much more special to me than posed. 🙂 It was a fun photoshoot, nonetheless.

  23. What a stinking fun tradition! I really love this idea, these games are the absolute funnest! And that hot dog looks so ridiculously yummy!

  24. Jessica Doll @ Team Wiking says:

    What a cute date night! I'd love to go to one with my husband, but we still haven't, haha.

  25. Kendall Rayburn says:

    I totally agree! I just went to my first MLB game this summer and it was SO much fun!

  26. Looks like you guys a blast. I love the idea of having a traditional date every year! That's awesome!

  27. Ayana Pitterson says:

    LOVE!!!! You are going to make my hubby hate you..lol. I am now pressuring him into this idea of a solid date night every two weeks, and you were the reason! Thanks and look forward to next week's date night.

    Thrifting Diva

  28. Love these pictures looks so fun!

  29. Alicia Brown says:

    Looks like a fun time! I haven't been to a baseball game in forever!

  30. Deidre Miller says:

    Lydia nailed it with these photos. Fun date night!

  31. Jessica Kalieta says:

    Oh goodness these are too cute. Looks like an awesome time!

  32. Bria Dawkins says:

    What cute pictures!! Baseball is the perfect summer pastime and anytime we can eat hot dogs is a good time (that rhymes!)!

  33. Rochelle Barlow says:

    What a cute idea, I would never have thought of that. I love that Jacob put that shirt on both of you at the same time. So funny and a great memory!

  34. So cute! Looks like you guys had so much fun.

    My husbands company recently treated us to tickets to a Laker game. It was a good time. 🙂

  35. Cailin Koy says:

    Super adorable! Great that you guys had so much fun together.

  36. So cute and Summer baseball games really are the best

  37. Ashley Nicholas says:

    It looks like you guys had a fun time! I'm ALWAYS down for a baseball game 🙂

  38. Miss Riss says:

    These pictures are so fantastic!!! That last one is DEFINITELY a framer!! Ugh I love it so much!!

  39. Shannon Brown says:

    You two are adorable! I love all these photos so so much. What a great idea to bring a photographer along with you on your date! Genius! 🙂

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