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London: Once the Musical

One of the best parts of London is the theater. There are multiple theaters within walking distance of the TKTS discount book at Leicester Square, and it’s definitely a must do as many nights as you can! We knew we would see two plays, we just weren’t quite sure the availability on tickets so we made a list of a few we’d be interested in.

We actually had 2 choices fall through and fell back to the 3rd, which happend to be Once: The Musical. I’ll admit I knew nothing about it aside from the fact it was about a Czech girl and Irish boy and there was a lot of music in it. I also knew it was a very difficult task to get tickets on Broadway in NY, so I figured it would be a good one and we headed to The Phoenix Theatre (appropriate, no?).

Here’s something I was shocked to learn, one of my favorite songs I’ve heard on the radio and included in many Spotify playlists happens to be the key song in this musical!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRnRqy55FIw?rel=0]

I will be totally honest here, I liked it quite a bit, but I wasn’t completely blown away. Jacob just thought it was pretty good, but also dozed off for a few minutes after a day filled with lots of walking.

The Good:
– Amazing music- all songs the lead male wrote as a musician character, so nothing cheesy, and all very modern and excellent
– Most Broadway actors are known as triple threats- sing, act, dance perfectly! This will demonstrate what a quadruple threat looks like- all actors act, sing, dance, and play multiple instruments. They are the orchestra, they do flips while playing the cello and singing, and most play multiple characters with multiple accents. I haven’t seen versatile talent like this in my life!
– Characters are so likable and believable and they do a good job developing them
– The message is amazing! You’ll come out believing in the hard work it takes to make dreams happen, and feel inspired to do so!
– It’s quite funny even in the midst of being very dramatic and serious.
– It’s different than most musicals, and I’m putting that on the good list!

The Bad:
– Irish people like the F-word, and there are several F-bombs in this musical
– The ending is pretty abrupt, and not exactly happy
– You’ll have a lot of questions that never get answered

If you want a better representation you should check out the London preview in this newscast:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfFyZiGuaZk?rel=0]
I’m really glad we went, and to any of my friends who aren’t super conservative and love and appreciate versatile music talent I would totally recommend it!

Phoenix Theatre in London.


Phoenix Theatre in London.
Phoenix Theatre in London.


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