Spain Day 5: Barcelona: La Rambla and City Walking Tour

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Spain Trip Day 5
Location: La Rambla: Barcelona, Spain
Cost: Free
Time: Plan at least a half day
Tip: There’s a saying that more crime happens in Barcelona on La Rambla than anywhere else in Europe- watch your bags, wear a money belt, and stay alert!
A must-do in Barcelona is seeing a few of the famous parts on foot- specifically La Rambla. If Champs-Élysées is the street to see the catwalk and life of Paris, La Rambla is the catwalk to see the life and history of Spain.

There are so many historic buildings to see- the monastery, the theatre, schools, etc. It’s worth researching and reading about in advance, and then paying attention to your bags while you identify the landmarks on your walk. But, the true joy may be people watching. At one point people paid to sit in the chairs just to watch the parade of people. Lucky for us they are now free, but hard to snag, and Mack pretty much loved standing and sitting in one and watching people starting/ending their walk.

I’d also highly recommend patronizing the market located in the middle, La Boqueria.

There’s something to being a country with so much coast and warm climate, the produce, the meat, the fish, and the flowers are all incredible!



The fresh juice was the best we’ve had, and if you walk further back in the market tent, the better the deal you can get!


Someone had his first taste, and we’ve had a little mango addict every since!

We enjoyed some really delicious empanadas, which are also abundant at the market.



La Rambla is great, and definitely a must-see, but walking around the surrounding areas to the nearest subway is definitely time well spent!

We loved running into the Arch de Triumph, which was built for the 1888 World Fair. It’s such a cool piece of history to walk right under and imagine the nations being welcomed to Spain via this arch.



The architecture of Barcelona is so beautiful and has a unique style, that it’s so worth your time to walk around the Gothic district and shop and ohh-and-ahhh at the buildings, as well as enjoy the neighborhoods between the Arch and La Rambla. Whatever you do, put this on the top of your list after La Sagrada Familia, it’s such a beautiful piece of Spanish history!


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  1. Alicia Snow says:

    That first picture of Mack is so adorable!

  2. Elyse Murray says:

    One of my favourite things to do when visiting a new to me city is to visit a market of sorts and this one looked spectacular! I could kill for an empanada(okay, okay a slight exaggeration!)