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Swig Stop Sugar Cookies- A Cheap and Delicious Date in Utah

One must-stop place when visiting Utah is a Swig stop! Here’s what to expect and why a Swig Utah is such a fun place to visit! 

Swig Utah: a Fun and Cheap Date! 

You’ll find Swig Utah locations all over the state, it’s that popular! In fact, it’s kind of become a core part of Utah culture, and it makes a really fun place to visit when you’re in the state. 

Date Info: 

Swig Stop sugar cookies and flavored sodas

Price: About $10 gets 2 cookies and 2 drinks

Location: Throughout Utah- check their website
Website: Swig Stop 

If you’re on Instagram and follow anyone in Utah, or anyone who visits Utah, you’ve probably heard of the Soda shop craze, and specifically about Swig Stop. I was introduced to my first sugar cookie while at blog conference. I’d heard they were the best of the best, but I remained a little skeptical until I had my first bite. AMAZING! I got to try my second while at Alt (another blog conference).
I knew while in Utah I had to share this with Jacob on this very cheap Utah date idea!
On our way to the Strawberry Days Rodeo, we made a pit stop in Lehi- where they were pretty easy to spot and not far from the freeway exit.
Swig Stop Utah.

What to Get at Swig 

They are known for their soda recipes- dirty Diet Coke anyone? No really, get one! But they have tons of delicious soda concoctions that include flavored syrups and coffee creamer. If you’re not sure what to try, ask! They’re very helpful and want you to love your drink! 

They are even more known for their sugar cookies. Seriously, I’m pretty picky since we make some excellent cookies with my mom’s recipe, but these were the perfect amount of soft and crispy. There’s a good chance we bought this many too, because they are $2.00 each and we were on our way to see our favorite twin two-year-olds.

Swig Sugar Cookie.

If you need a cheap, easy date in Utah, add a Swig Utah stop to your list! And after we had this experience, they ended up opening a few stores in Arizona too! 

Cheap Date Ideas in Utah.


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  1. Chrissy Delacy says:

    Right?! How do we do that?!!! I need that in my life

  2. Miss Riss says:

    Yes, the last part. Figure out how to get this to Arizona 😉

  3. Life with Amberly says:

    There's a Swig by us now and I haven't tried it yet! It's on my list to do! 🙂