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Barcelona Travel Guide: The Chocolate Museum

Spain Trip

Location: Barcelona, Spain 
Cost:€ 6 per person
Time: Plan about 1-2 hours
Where: Museu de la Xocolata
Tip: Spain is warmer climate than most of Europe, and this is the perfect reprieve from the heat when planning a trip. Go in the middle of the day, it’s less crowded and it’s nice and air conditioned!

Barcelona Travel Guide: The Chocolate Museum

I’ve put Spain on the back burner because our next post in line was La Sagrada Familia- the creme de la creme of Spain, and it’s been a bit daunting to sort through hundreds of pictures and narrow down our many tips for this famous site. I decided to swallow that elephant slowly, edit a few a day, and skip ahead in our trip and share the rest of Barcelona first. Don’t be too shocked when day 4 pops back up later with a picture overload, but for now, let’s just chat about one of the lesser known gems of Barcelona- the Museu de la Xocolat, or in English, the Chocolate Museum.

The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona.

We’d heard this was cool and fun, but not necessarily a must-see. We talked about it quite a bit and decided it was worth it for three reasons.

1. It’s less crowded! The main attractions and major streets in Barcelona are insanely crowded, it was nice to go somewhere with a little breathing room that was still very entertaining.

2. Chocolate is kind of our thing, remember when we went and ground our own and learn where it comes from while in Peru? We decided it would be fun to see the European side of history with chocolate.

3. Spain is pretty warm, even when you go visit during cooler rainy seasons in May. Sometimes fitting in a modern, air-conditioned place for a few hours is just perfect. We did just that and loved the perfect temperature and amazing snacks while we were there.

I feel like I should add a 4th, I mean EUROPEAN CHOCOLATE! That really should be all I needed to say 🙂

Chocolates in Barcelona.

They had me at my ticket to enter. There’s a barcode to scan for entry on the back of the chocolate bar.

Barcelona The Chocolate Museum experience.

All three of us enjoyed looking at the hundreds of statues made out of chocolate.

Barcelona The Chocolate Museum experience.

We also loved reading about the history of chocolate and how it came to Europe, as well as tidbits about chocolate trivia. One day when one of us is on Jeopardy and the category is chocolate history, we’re going to dominate!

Barcelona information at The Chocolate Museum.


Barcelona exhibits in The Chocolate Museum.

I particularly loved the details of Barcelona captured in chocolate.

La Sagrada Familia at The Chocolate Museum.

And in case anyone wondered, Star Wars really is an international phenomenon.

Barcelona exhibits at The Chocolate Museum.

We also loved looking at the artifacts from history, these are antique stamps formerly used on chocolate bars.

Barcelona Spain The Chocolate Museum.

We enjoyed all of it, and sitting down and watching movies in the air conditioning. But we may have enjoyed the end where we visited the cafe the most.

Barcelona chocolate cake at The Chocolate Museum.

For the record, a the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3 must have originated from someone visiting Spain, because chocolate milk is the same thing, and it may be even more delicious!

Barcelona chocolate milk at The Chocolate Museum.
I’ll admit this was probably just a 3.5/5 star place to visit, but if you’re a chocolate fan, it really is a must see and a nice, relatively cheap museum to stop in to!

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  1. Hi! Yes, I agree with you Spain is a underrated country. It is amazing. I'm so glad that when you travel that you spend several days in one country instead of squeezing as many countries as you can into as few days. I clicked on your link to your peru trip and what a great idea to do a chocolate tour/class. I've been to Peru as well but we didn't do a class. I've seen a few friends do some cooking classes abroad and it looks like fun and a great way to experience the culture. I think you did a great job at writing out your travel posts and recommendations.