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London Travel Guide: The Churchill War Rooms

Should you go to Europe, I’d recommend having at least one backup activity planned just in case there is a protest, strike, or other variance that may ruin original plans. We happened to have one day our plans were changed, but it actually turned out to be a pretty cool thing- brace yourself for a pretty shockingly awesome thing we experienced which will be the next London post!

Touring the Churchill War Rooms

I’m actually thrilled that we were able to go see the Churchill War Rooms, such an amazing part of history that gives so much more appreciation for the sacrifices made during times of war.


The Churchill War Rooms.
The Churchill War Rooms tickets.

What You’ll See At the Churchill War Rooms

We were able to see the bunkers that Churchill, his family, and many war leaders occupied throughout WWII. It’s a pretty humbling experience to see what tight quarters they lived in which were kept completely secret, and many never saw the light of day for months at a time.


The Churchill War Rooms.


The Churchill War Rooms.
 I love studying propaganda, and it was fascinating to see Axis anti-Churchill propaganda.
The Churchill War Rooms: WWII propaganda posters.
 And then to see the inverse propaganda was equally fascinating.
The Churchill War Rooms.
The relationship with Roosevelt and Churchill was quite touching- we listened to many of their recorded calls, some in truly tough moments of the war. And seeing the honors awarded to each other post war were pretty amazing as well!
The Churchill War Rooms.
And apparently, Nobel Peace Prizes are a pretty big deal 🙂
Touring The Churchill War Rooms.


The Churchill War Rooms.


The Churchill War Rooms dedicated by The Queen sign.
We also loved touring the strategy rooms, pretty amazing stuff. They haven’t been touched since WWII, so they were preserved in pure accuracy.
The Churchill War Rooms.
 Including the details of the many pin holes used to show army progression in The Map Room. You can also see some anti-Hitler graffiti if you look close.
The Churchill War Rooms: original WWII strategy map.


Touring The Churchill War Rooms.
 Seeing the casualties tracked was a sobering site. As U.S. residents I think we often reflect so much on our own death toll that we don’t stop to think of how many lost their lives elsewhere- and how much of this happened in their own soil!
The Churchill War Rooms.


The Churchill War Rooms.
 The gift shop was also really entertaining!
Did I mention I’m fascinated with propaganda? It may be that marketing profession of mine, but war propaganda is so interesting! We spent a decent amount of time going through posters and postcards reading the many different messages used by various countries.
The Churchill War Rooms in London.
The Churchill War Rooms gift shop.
 If you’re a history buff or not, this is one amazing historical site to visit!

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