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Christmas Baking Night

When it rains all day and the sun comes out for less than 10 minutes total, we typically have the urge to turn our oven on and to make sure our date involves some serious snuggles. This combined with Christmas inspired dating lead us to our traditional Christmas baking date which usually ends with one of our favorite Christmas movies.


We decided to brave some traffic and very wet streets and go out to dinner. After my 12 mile run I had a hankering for fresh pitas and hummus, and Jacob was kind enough to join in the Mediterranean craving and take me to Pita Jungle for gyros and hummus.


Last year we made my Mom’s amazing soft sugar cookies (recipe and post HERE), and we decided those needed to happen again this year!

We assembled ingredients (picture above) and got to work rolling and cutting out cookies. I sure love that this boy knows how to bake, such a bonus quality I had no idea I was getting!

And thank you Mom for having the patience to teach me how to make your cookies and frosting!

There was plenty of joking, talking, flirting, planning Christmas travel, and quality time while we frosted a whole bunch of cookies.

I think we were too awkward to flirt with each other while friends and even sometimes dating. I’m glad marriage remedied that, and I’m glad I find sweet things my husband does like this:

(heart shaped J+C cookie)
We couldn’t have been happier with the final product, and couldn’t have had a better treat to enjoy while laughing our heads off watching Elf!


Anyone else have a favorite Christmas treat you enjoy creating together for a date?

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  1. Our Journey Through This Lovely Life says:

    Mmm that humus sounds amazing! and Those cookies look delish!
    Happy Holidays!