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Joyride Taco in Downtown Gilbert

Exploring new places to eat is one of our favorite things to do on dates. 

We’d heard good things about Joyride Taco House in Downtown Gilbert, and as lovers of all things taco related, it was a natural fit.


Can I just tell you the ambiance of this place was amazing. Everything was in the color scheme of the menu. It was totally packed and I didn’t want to stalk others, so not a lot of pictures showing this. But seriously, I wanted the chairs and most the wall art in the restaurant for my home.

We started with some Agua Frescas- you can get them non-alcoholic or with a buzz, you choose. On these hot summer nights, they are so perfect! I went with the cucumber mint, Jacob with the citrus. We were both very happy with our choice!

We’re a little picky about our salsa, but this one was the right amount of sweet of spice. The chips were the real star, they clearly make them fresh in house, and they are divine.

We liked them so much we ordered the Cheese Y Mas appetizer. If you need a way to spend two days worth of calories in one shot, I highly recommend this method!

We ate so many chips I was pretty full when it came to taco time, so I went with one mahi mahi, and I was very pleased that they do fish tacos right.

Jacob did a braised beef, pork, and chicken to try a sampling of each. They were all great, but chicken surprised him as the front runner.



We seriously enjoyed just taking time out of a busy week to leave the house and responsibilities of life, and go be together in a romantic atmosphere with great food. Jacob had traveled for work all week, so having a night with him before I left to just chat meant the world. Seriously, it was one we’d go to again for a date we just want to eat and chat in ambiance perfection. I mean look past us in this pic below, so many couples on dates, so much mood lighting, and so many chairs that I seriously need to ask who their supplier is.


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  1. Lydia Johnston says:

    I love that place. They have a vegetarian taco that is pretty amazing.

  2. Oh my goodness. I've never heard of this place but it looks AMAZING and I'm dragging my boyfriend there with my next time he's in town!

    Stopping by to say hi! I'm a fellow AZ blogger and I blog over at Endlessly Beloved! Love your blog:) Thanks for sharing!