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19 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

I diligently did a weekly pregnancy update with my first baby, but when we had so many risks and scares with baby #2 I decided to hold off on pictures or updates until we knew we were at least mostly in the clear. That happened at about 12 weeks when we decided to announce the baby.

As the extra hormone therapy was pulled and I exited the first trimester, I was sure I’d feel better and be up to the task of putting on clothes and wearing makeup, and doing something besides hanging out by the sink and toilet. Sadly, that just didn’t happen and it’s been a rough one. That is, up until now. Thank you modern medicine and doctors who listen and try different things. I’ve been getting my energy back, getting my appetite back, and subsequently starting to look pregnant now that I’m now throwing up every day. This, combined with so many people who asked about pregnancy updates in my reader survey and on Instagram have me ready to get a little more personal, and little more open, and a lot more willing to get dressed and take a bump picture at least every other week.

So I figured a 19 weeks pregnancy update is a great place to start!

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19 Weeks 
Baby is the size of a mango

Pink Blush maternity clothes review.

I’m a little behind on this, due to those 10 days of travel, but I made sure that Jacob captured one scenic bump picture in Italy! At 19.5 weeks we grabbed it, I recorded the progress, and I came home to update the chalkboard. I’m in week 20.5 now, and that update is coming soon!

19 Weeks 
Baby is the size of a mango

 Quite a bit better! My doctor told me that since this baby has been so delayed and needed so much help, my body is probably delayed too. She prescribed Zofran which has been a lifesaver, and I’m also finding I can go without it here and there. There’s hope my friends! I’ve been so sick and feeling like it would never end up until now, and I’m so grateful for some good days and the ability to something besides throw up and sleep.

Body Changes: I feel like I popped this week! I got my maternity clothes out last week, and I’ve been actually reaching for them this week. I’m feeling more achy with the baby growth, and I’m getting numb if I sit for long or lie on my back. I’m a back sleeper through and through, so it’s been a change to have to sleep on my side or suffer body aches all day.

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Sleeping:  I was diagnosed with a sinus infection this week, and that has kept me up with sneezing and then with some pregnancy insomnia. I’ve had a few nights awake thinking about everything starting at the clock for a few hours. I’m hopeful the antibiotics will kick this and I’ll get better sleep again. Fingers crossed I learn to love sleeping on my side again because my body loves to push away the body pillow and roll on my back while I do sleep.

I have the strangest dreams when pregnant, and this one is keeping the last one on its toes! This week my strangest includes finding out a friend was pregnant by immaculate conception and her announcing to us. I’m not sure if I should watch for lightning strikes after that dream, but it was one of the funnier dreams to wake up to come to terms with reality.

Fitness: I have done the BBG (Kayla Itsines) program for about a year and a half now. I love it, and it works so well as a mom. I’ve had to tone down some of the HIIT to Medium intensity, AKA, no more burpees. I am loving that I don’t throw up working out this week, and I’m hopeful I can keep up the medium intensity and walking several miles a week through the end.
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Craving: I haven’t had any, in particular, this week. But let me tell you some of the most random from the past few weeks since this is my first update. I’ve mostly hated sugar, but one-night chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was a must. That’s the first time I’ve sent Jacob to the store with I HAVE TO HAVE THIS craving! I’ve really loved protein shakes this pregnancy. And by far the most random craving was for a summer sausage and crackers. Good thing it was just after the holidays and they were still around!
Baby Updates: Moving and grooving! I love that I’m feeling distinct kicks, a few jabs, and reactions to hot and cold beverages. It’s another active little guy, and I’m sure glad he should fit right in with our on-the-go loving family. He’s also growing so much and I can feel a larger person in there now. It’s so fun to start to really believe you’re pregnant and know there’s a person with their own personality occupying the space.
He’s developing his five senses this week, and it’s been really fun to feel like he’s feeling around and responding to noises and light these days.

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  1. Emily Gibson says:

    Wait what? You went to Italy again? How did I miss that ? That’s awesome!

  2. That dress!!! Your earrings!!! Those shoes!!! Your hair!!! Your smile!!! Why are you so darn stunning all the time?!?!?!