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Easter Pageant

Date Info: 
Mesa Temple Easter Pageant
Price: Free
Location: Mesa, AZ- Runs 10 days before Easter annually
Website: Mesa Easter Pageant  

Mesa Mormon Easter Pageant.
We heart holiday dates. They are easy, fun, and never seem to get old since you only do them max once a year. Since we’re members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we are big-time celebrators of Easter and Christmas. The Mesa Temple puts on an Easter Pageant once a year that reenacts the scenes exactly depicted in the King James Version of the Bible from Christ’s birth to resurrection. It’s a powerful hour to sit outside, enjoy perfect weather, and really remember what Easter is all about.

It’s not too late to go if you live in AZ- it’s going from 8:00 p.m. until 9:10 Friday and Saturday. It’s free, and members of any denomination (or none) are welcome to go see scriptures performed live. I highly recommend it, it’s cool stuff from an academic and a spiritual standpoint.

SO, you have to get there at least 90 minutes early to get great seats, meaning 6:15 we were there. The wait goes WAY faster when you have your BFF to goof around with, ushers/people getting into tiffs, and some Jason’s Deli to go to enjoy while you wait. We did this last year, we’ll do it again next year. Food+Spiritual Feast= one great date!

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  1. Amberlin Baxter says:

    I was in Arizona over easter weekend to come visit Liesl and Sam and everyone else. Paul's aunt and uncle and their family were the Easter pageant so I wanted to see them all. Pauls uncle played an apostle. It was a really good play and I am glad I got to come see it.

  2. Did you guys to yesterday? You should have come visited Jared and me, we live right there!