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Newborn Photos: Part 1

Perhaps the greatest gift I received for my baby shower was a frame from my extremely talented and very dear friend Chrissy, who owns Let Me See Your Sparkle Photography that looked like this: 
Let me tell you, photographers, don’t ever assume you’re imposing on someone gifting pictures, it is truly the greatest gift! Had we already hired someone we would have gladly done two shoots (or more) and had all the pictures in the world to remember those very tiny hands and feet! We hadn’t, and Chrissy is someone I would have hired in a heartbeat since she’s so talented and so amazing with kids, so this gift was so valuable and meaningful! Our little guy was a gem the entire shoot, and it really is because Chrissy is so amazing with babies and kids! 
I was so touched, as if she didn’t already give us the cutest outfit, books, and some practical items too! Seriously, I will treasure these pictures forever and so appreciate her time and talent and what a beautiful gift she gave us! There are too many great pictures to choose from, so don’t mind me, I’m just going to split these up into a few post. 
Please enjoy our one week old baby and two very smitten new parents!newborn baby with mom on a bed.


newborn baby photo shoot ideas.


New dad holding a newborn baby looking with a smile.


Swaddled newborn baby with dad holding in forearm.


New mom and dad holding newborn baby and smiling.


New mom holding her swaddled newborn baby.


Dad holding his newborn baby at home.


New parents holding their swaddled newborn baby for newborn photo shoot session at home.


Newborn baby family pictures: mom and dad kissing newborn baby.


Mom and dad sitting on bed looking at newborn baby.


Newborn baby with parents for newborn photo shoot at home.


Newborn photo shoot at home: Mom and dad holding newborn baby.


Newborn baby crying while mom and dad try to soothe him.
Swaddled newborn baby being held by mom and dad.


New parents smiling at newborn baby during a newborn photo shoot at home.


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