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Utah Getaway: Ruby Snap Cookies

Ruby Snap Cookies are some of the best cookies in Salt Lake City from one of the best bakeries! These fresh cookies have unique flavors in one darling cookie shop you don’t want to miss!

Ruby Snap Cookies Bakery Info

Ruby Snap Cookies
Price: Plan about $4 per cookie
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Website: Ruby Snap Cookies 
When I mentioned our anniversary trip to Utah to a coworker, she was pretty insistent that we try “THE best cookies” while there! We made sure to add Ruby Snap Cookies to our list!

I fell in love with the vintage theme and motif pretty instantly!

Ruby Snap Cookies- Best Bakery in SLC

All the cookies were named as though they were a pin-up girl. My marketing/branding heart was just singing- kudos to whoever came up with this concept!

Ruby Snap: cookie flavors

We realized pretty quickly we weren’t going to go wrong with any Ruby Snap cookie!

Best Salt Lake City Cookies: Ruby Snap

Best Desserts in Salt Lake City

They even give samples! When Jacob’s first choice came out hot and they offered a melted caramel and chocolate Maris cookie as a sample we were sold! These fresh cookies hot out of the oven can’t be beaten!

Best cookies in Salt Lake City

I wanted to try all the lemon things, but also knew one more sample meant I would be sugared out- particularly as a pregnant lady! Baby boy isn’t always the biggest fan of sugar, unless it’s in some frozen form in a small portion. I was just glad he was willing to let me have one cookie during my first trimester.

Ruby Snap Cookies- Salt Lake City Utah

We stared forever and read the menu several times, but settled on a Maris, a Lola (oh my Lemon heads on top- so good!), a Margo, and a Mia sugar cookie- and I’m telling you, all were excellent even the few that made it home on the plane a few days later were excellent- they last a little while!

Bakery Salt Lake City: Ruby Snap Cookies

This is such a cute place, and they even have a few bar stools and tables making it a perfect date spot for a quick treat on a budget! It’s definitely one of the best bakeries in SLC! And I heard you can even get Ruby Snap at Harmons grocery stores these days if Ruby Snap Salt Lake is a little too far for you.

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  1. The Suzzzz says:

    Judy, not Jude. Doh!

  2. The Suzzzz says:

    I have been a Ruby Snap fan for years, the owner Tami is awesome! They also sell the frozen dough at their store and online through their website if you can't make it to a Harmon's. A fresh Maris is a thing of beauty. My second favorite is a seasonal cookie offered in the summer called the Memphis which is a raspberry cookie topped with fresh bear lake raspberries. I also love the Zoey (blueberry lemon poppyseed) and the Jude (orange with creamcheese frosting), I could have those cookies for breakfast and not blink and eye.

  3. Oh I didn't realize they were open then, for some reason I thought these businesses were newer! I wouldn't have shared otherwise!

  4. Love Ruby Snap! If you ever stay in a home, stop by a Harmon's for frozen dough you can bake yourself. The Maris is my favorite, maybe I need to run to Harmon's now! Be sure to try Smart Cookie Co., I feel like their sugar cookies are the best around!