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Utah Getaway: Copper Onion – Anniversary Dinner

Copper Onion restaurant in Salt Lake City Utah. A review of the dining experience and the food at Salt Lake’s The Copper Onion.
Date Info: 
Copper Onion
Price: Plan about $40-$70 for two 
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah 
Website: The Copper Onion website 
While in Utah for our anniversary we knew we wanted to hit up a nicer place for dinner with a killer reputation. We decided the Copper Onion would be perfect for a steak/fish dinner and we’d be right in the heart of Salt Lake City. 


The Copper Onion

We started out with the Ricotta Dumplings- oh my goodness if you are ever in Salt Lake City I can’t recommend getting these enough! It may be the best appetizer I’ve ever had!

Appetizer at The Copper onion.

After all the talk of fancy food, we somehow made the shift to comfort food instead. Perhaps the waiter or the people next to us who come almost weekly had us persuaded,s or maybe the farm-raised fish turned me off, but either way a burger and beef stroganoff won our hearts!

Burger plate at The Copper Onion.


Woman showing her plated meal at The Copper Onion.


Man showing her plated meal at The Copper Onion.


Pasta at the Copper Onion in SLC.

The Verdict:

Really good food, but we also agreed that we’re pretty spoiled and that there’s better food in Arizona. It was still an awesome place to visit and a fun place to spend an anniversary, even if a little over-priced. I’m glad we can now tell all our hipster friends in Utah that we’ve been, and still smile that we’re lucky to live in the large city we live in!


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