Spain Day 5: Seville

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Things to Do in Seville Spain and why you’ll definitely want to add this Southern Spain city to your travel itinerary! 

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Location: Southern Spain: Seville: Town Square, the Cathedral, The Bullfighting Museum 

Cost: The Bullfighting Museum is 8, with a free evening on Mondays. The Cathedral is 9
Plan a half day to walk around and explore the town. Be sure to plan in plenty of time for meals, the dining in Seville is amazing and you’ll want to enjoy several good sit-down meals. The Cathedral only takes about an hour, or you can just walk into the entrance and look behind a gate for a good feel and view, and save the money. 

The Bullfighting Museum, called Real Maestranza de Caballera de Sevilla, takes about two hours total to tour and get your fill of pictures.
Tip: Read a little bit of the history before you go, but tickets are pretty easy to purchase in-person at most places in Seville. 
I promised myself I would wrap up sharing Spain before the year ended, so here I am, in the 9th inning stretch sharing our last couple of days! It just felt right to share our holiday over the holidays while so many are traveling or getting ready to set New Year’s resolutions of where they’d like to travel next. And you guys, Southern Spain completely stole my heart and I can’t wait to share my favorite city!

Things to Do in Seville, Spain: Seville is a complete change-up from the fast-paced major cities of Madrid and Barcelona. It’s a lot like visiting San Diego after leaving New York. It’s gorgeous, there’s a beach if you want to be on the water, and it’s just the cutest hipster town with some of the richest history you’ll ever see! It’s where the stereotypes of Spain originate: flamenco dancing, matadors, and bull-fighting are said to have started here, and it’s a place that keeps those traditions going!

And they keep cute scooters going too. I loved seeing them lined up everywhere.

Fun fact, the U.S. ambassador to Spain is a Hollywood mogul and has worked to get a lot more entertainment filmed in Spain. Game of Thrones utilizes tons of the castles, and Seville and Southern Spain have some major scenes filmed in them! We just love seeing rich history on every corner of every city in Spain.

And babywearing for life! We love our Lillebaby and our seven-month-old loved seeing the country this way too!

Cathedral Seville Spain 

We happened to have our major day in Seville on a day the rain came pretty heavily, so that lead us to spend a little more time inside staring at the Gothic cathedral and all its glory.

If I had to choose a buttress to have a crush on it would definitely be this one.

We walked around the main square people watching, even in the rain, and enjoy the amazing architecture and details of cathedrals, castles, and museums. It’s an incredibly walkable city, and you can get to anywhere in about 20-30 minutes max by foot.

Even though it’s a bit controversial, we decided to embrace the full Spanish culture and go to the Bull Fighting Museum. We didn’t see an actual event, we just learned about the history and country’s obsession with this sport.

Here are a few of the facts we found most interesting:
– Matadors are treated like celebrities. Teenage girls are known to plaster their walls with posters of the famous matadors. Our tour guide even let us know they are the country’s celebrities and sex symbols. They are treated like absolute rockstars.
– It’s a bit like American baseball- most spend a while in the minor leagues making hardly any money, some even paying, to get training and exposure as a backup fighter. They all hope their name will be called up for a fight or their skills will be noticed. Once they are, they are paid like rock stars.
– They collect their pay before each fight in case they lose their life.
– They believe in honoring any deceased cow and butcher and sell meat instantly out of respect. Which I know sounds funny, but that’s what our tour guide told us.
– There’s a box built just for the royal family.

This is the oldest stadium that’s still used today.

And this is where the royals or other government officials can stay if they choose to attend.

This is what ancient stadium seating looks like. I couldn’t not snap a picture.

And the roughly two hours spent there during the tour and looking at the museum we agreed were so worth it! It’s such a fascinating piece of a culture unlike ours, and we loved all the learning and history we found in one place. Plus the tour guides were top notch, and if you book a tour in English they are mostly historians who spent time living in London and do an excellent job switching back and forth between English and Spanish. Just something to think about if you’re planning a trip and unsure of your Spanish skills.


We spent our day eating some of the best food we’ve ever had, which deserves its own post, walking around the city in the morning exploring, visiting the Bullfight Museum in the late afternoon, enjoying a late dinner, and heading to bed early for the very early morning we had the next day. I’ll share all the details in my next post, which I promise is all ready to go and won’t be another six months to complete!



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