Washington D.C.: The Whitehouse Tour

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Washington D.C. Day 2
Location: The Whitehouse Tour, Washington D.C. 
Cost: Free
Time: Plan about 2 Hours- 1 for clearance and waiting, 1 to tour 
Tips: Contact your local representative as soon as you know you’re going- it takes over a month to get approval and clearance for a tour. The second you know your trip is happening put in the request so you can do this! Also, if you’re international you can go too, but the process is much longer. Make sure to request the tour months in advance. 
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We heard it was one of the must do things to see The White House, the place the President of the United States lives. It’s a process to go- you have to contact your state rep over a month in advance, wait for clearance, and get your name on a list. From there you can’t bring cameras, purses, or bags with you. We opted to stay in a hotel right by the White House our first night, and to bring just phones and a credit card. Forgive the phone pics, but pics from inside aren’t allowed and there’s no way a DSLR can make it’s way on this tour! But you can look at the interactive tour if you want a sneak peak via digital means.

Our favorite parts were having the Secret Service give us historical tidbits in each room. Where did the wedding guests stand, which president acquired a chair, who has the largest self portrait and the smallest self portrait. Such a cool place to see history in person and think of the amazing things that happened in this building.


Put this on the top of your list, it’s a truly amazing place to visit in D.C.!

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  1. Kati Rose says:

    I've been looking into a trip to DC for 2015 and I'm glad I read about the process on how to see The White House because it's 100% at the top of my list!

  2. Miss Riss says:

    I am so incredibly jealous that you guys got to go to DC! It's on the top of my list but I haven't made it there quite yet! I interned for a Congressman for a semester and people would call in and request tickets for this tour and they would get so mad that it takes so long and there's such a long wait list!

  3. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    Ah, this is one thing I have *not* done in D.C.! I've been miffed ever since the Obama family didn't invite me to Thanksgiving dinner during my first visit in 2009. I thought about popping in this time around, but, you know how that long-term awkward tension can be. I better send a reconciliatory gift and make it happen next time I go.

  4. Lindsey @ Just Add {red} Wine says:

    I didn't get to do this last time I was there so I need to make sure that I do next time. So cool!!!