Seattle Getaway: Anniversary Dinner: Seattle Space Needle Restaurant and Tour

I’m so excited to share the quintessential Seattle post with you. We’d heard mixed reviews about the Seattle Space Needle, but knew we needed to go while there just to say we did it. 
The weather was perfect while we were there, sunny and a 60 degree high, much nicer than our 90’s. We threw on sweaters and decided to walk as much as possible. After Pike Place Market we opted to walk about a mile over to the Space Needle. It was pretty cool to see it inching closer throughout our walk. 

It was build for the World Fair in 1962 to reflect a modern space theme. You can bet the rocket scientist loved every detail involved.

We’d heard from friends that if you go, splurge on dinner in the rotating restaurant. That gives you a free lift and saves about $50. Even though dinner is pricey, the $100 you spend ends up being just a little more than you’d spend on a lift ticket and dinner elsewhere. We lucked out with evening reservations opening up last minute, so we changed our plans and moved them to get a sunset view.

We first went up the elevator and got a 360 view of Seattle. It was beautiful.

My favorite moment, snapping this shot of the observation deck to have this kid turn to me and say very enthusiastically, “WOW! I can LITERALLY see into people’s houses!” Cute, creepy, and made me laugh pretty hard.

I loved this view in particular. You always have to take the pic with the scenery when traveling to prove you were actually there.

I love fish, Jacob not so much, but I’ll admit I’m kind of picky about where it comes from and how fresh it is. I was hankering for some halibut the whole trip, and luckily, the Sky City restaurant did not let me down.

We started with some delicious bread, olive and rosemary, delicious!

And we tried to get in some greens too. We’re definitely salad fans.

And then we practiced our 80’s pensive thinking shots. Just kidding, we really were looking out into the city and just happened to snap these.

And then my dreams came true, and some of the best halibut of my life appeared.

Jacob was not sad about his steak either. It was excellent!

Seattle Anniversary Date Idea

We started to watch the sun set, and the city was even more beautiful with the soft light.

Jacob decided “The Orbiter” sounded like the right choice for dessert. He was right! There were all kinds of ew’s and ah’s when this came out. 

It was probably the coolest location we’ve ever dined at, we both kept saying that.

Romantic Date Seattle

Rotating restaurants with a view are seriously amazing.

Anniversary Date Idea Seattle

Particularly when they take a shot of you and make you feel much better about your own photography skills. But hey, free shot, and no one is blinking, so winning.

We left the restaurant to watch the sun officially set out on the observation deck. 

And couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful big cities are lit up at night. And how much we enjoy this anniversary re-do– we couldn’t have asked for a better night!

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  1. You were in Seattle!? Bummer I missed you! I live only about 15 minutes from the Space Needle! Would have loved to meet up for a cup of coffee. 🙂 So glad you got to experience this great city and that you had awesome weather on your day at the Needle! We love living here!!

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