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Date Night Outfit Summer Edition: 25 Embroidered Tops That Make the Perfect Summer Date Outfit

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When we’re in the thick of the summer heat there’s nothing quite like trying to get dressed for date night, look as polished as possible, and choose clothes, hair, and makeup that won’t melt or cause you to melt! That’s why this date night outfit summer edition brings the perfect summer trend to the casual date night outfit: the embroidered top.

Cute embroidered tops perfect for summer.

I love that this trend takes so many forms from a nod to the Mexican embroidery, to intricate European style cross stitch, from minimal enhancements to loud statements. It’s taken off so much this summer you can find anything from tribal to floral, animal to minimal, and once again, anything in between. It makes any shirt a statement shirt and one that can pair so easily with jeans, shorts, or a skirt and really make an outfit look and feel pulled together.

25 embroidered tops and how to style them.

I’m pretty sure anything in solid or striped blue with some form of embroidery has my name on it, and it’s about all I can do not to buy almost the same shirt every time I head online to go shopping. This is why I have a roundup of 25 options starting at $9 and going up to all price ranges. I’m going to include them below, and I’m only a little sorry that about 1/3rd of them are blue.

Blue embroidered top. Embroidered tops perfect for summer.

I am also loving how many are babydoll cut. I’ve always been a pear shaped girl, and I’m proud to have curves, but I’ve also never been a huge fan of fitted shirts that accentuate any type of gut- whether that be my best shape gut or my few weeks postpartum gut, I’m a fan of emphasizing the waist and then giving a little breathing room where 90% of women’s bodies need some breathing room. This makes me love this trend even more- the eyes are drawn up to the chest and the face, and the rest of the body can just live happily in peace in whatever else you decide to pair with these amazing numbers.

25 embroidered tops. 25 cute embroidered tops.

Photos by: Chrissy Blake

And if you’re in the market for the perfect summer date night top of your own, here are 25 excellent embroidered blouse options:


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