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Jacob’s Birthday

Sometimes I swear boys have it way easier when it comes to holidays and birthdays. Most girls are pretty happy with a variety of things, big and small. Guys however, typically want big expensive things or have already purchased everything they could want already. I’m stereotyping here, but we definitely fall into this stereotype. I will love pretty much all jewelry or cooking supplies, Jacob, uh, he likes electronics and I already bought him a new razor.
So last year I had this huge dilemma of what to get Jacob. I thought of so many options but I seriously didn’t even know his shirt size as a just-about-to-get-engaged couple. I realized that Jacob’s favorite thing is food. He lights up whenever there is good food around. The nights I had made dinner for him he thanked me several times. Food had to be the answer!
We’re both from large families and families that either couldn’t afford to go out much, didn’t live near many restaurants, or didn’t want to pack all the kids up to take anywhere. So I thought who better to give the gift of a fine dining dinner to than this boy who would appreciate it more than anyone! And he did!
This year I had the same dilemma and came to the same conclusion. It took some serious rewards points savings from my credit card to get a gift card to the greatest steak house, but luckily rewards and some extra covered it just fine! I still even was able to get him a few shirts this year 🙂

We made sure to dress up, we even picked out each other’s outfits.

I think we both play up each other’s 1950’s figures and dress retro often. I love it on him, apparently he loves it on me too! It was fun to lay out fancy clothes for each other.


Dressing up for date night.
And it’s hard to be serious, even when we’re doing formal big-people things.


Dinner was truly amazing! If you haven’t heard of Ruth’s Chris you should put this one on your bucket list! They cook steaks in an 1800 degree oven, drench them in butter, and serve it sizzling. We also LOVED the wedge salads we had and the Au gratin potatoes. However, the dish we flipped over was the sweet potatoes. Baked like creme brulee they have the potato base and then a crusted top of brown sugar and pecans. It tasted like candy! If you ever go, make sure to get those! I even found several copy cat recipes online- we’ll be copying soon!
We felt weird taking pics at that time, but our waitress was happy to take on during dessert. This time we indulged in real creme brulee. It was the first place I fell in love with this dessert, I fell in love all over again!


Birthday dinner date. Birthday creme brulee at Ruth\'s Chris.
Worth the splurge- I ended up with one happy birthday boy, one really fun and memorable date, one super amazing dinner, and a food coma where we both fell asleep at 9:00 that night to prove it!

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