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Overcoming Burnout

Yesterday I got pretty vulnerable and shared how I identified burnout in my life. I was drained after a year of running full speed ahead professionally and balancing all the physical demands of a new baby and a toddler. My marriage and date night were what kept me going! But I had to change some things to change my perspective and overcome burnout.

Here are 10 things I recommend for overcoming burnout in any area of your life.

Overcoming Burnout

  • Take a true break
    I mean a real break, not an hour, take a day or a week and getaway. I realize if you have tiny humans, that may be hard. But can you hire a babysitter just for a few hours for a mental health day? Can your significant other take them for a day or a weekend while you escape?
    If work is crazy, can you step away for a day or two? First of all, get a PTO day. If you work for yourself announce you’re taking a step away for a few days. Maybe even work so hard for a few days so you can get ahead, and then completely step away.
  • Go on vacation
    I used to work at a marketing agency before blogging became my job. My last office was voted on the Inc100 best places to work in the country. Let me tell you, it was hard work. Often, we had to put in long hours. However, they did something that kept employees from burning out. They made us take a vacation.
    People who didn’t take them, their manager would force one after a year and a half. Once a year the agency shut down for a week at Christmas to give us all a break. Beyond that, we were expected to take at least a week of PTO. Most people traveled the world and left the country to completely getaway.
    Guess what, we always came back refreshed, excited, and worked harder. Take a vacation friend, and get your groove back while you rejuvenate!
    Overcoming Burnout: woman relaxing at the beach.
  • Spend time in nature
    It’s peaceful. It’s inspiring. But best of all, there’s something that happens when you connect with nature that rejuvenates your soul.
  • Change your environment
    I can’t believe how much leaving my home office helps me feel inspired at work. A coffee shop makes such a difference!
    Going to a new date night location gives us such a boost to our relationship. That’s why we share new date ideas every week, we’re all about helping people find that boost!
    roller skating date.
    Mothering at a museum or a new park breaks up our days, and makes me feel excited about parenting.
    A new environment can be just what you need to pull out a funk!

    Ways to Pull Yourself Out of Burnout

  • Start a new project
    For example, did you notice I opened the Friday We’re in Love Shop? I’d had people ask for tangible products, and I knew it would be a new challenge to build and create. Guess what, it pulled me out of my professional funk! I was so excited about work and business again. I learned a lot! Also, I worked with people and products I’d never worked with before. Truly, it helped me feel that joy and excitement I was missing!
  • Find a Venting Buddy Who Understands
    Bless my husband for listening and validating my feelings when kids overwhelm me. When I was a teacher, I needed actual teacher friends. They understood the crazy of that profession in ways others don’t. Thankfully, I had a few I could talk to and trust who always had my back!
    I’m forever thankful for friends who are in the trenches of what I’m struggling with to listen. I’d caution to make sure they are optimistic and supportive. But finding someone to listen, to give you a pep talk, and to encourage you onward is invaluable! This is how I’ve got through my hardest parenting moments. Also, my business ups and downs, as well as infertility burnout when the years felt like an eternity.
  • Workout
    Endorphins change everything! Additionally, when I workout, anxiety is managed in my life. I am a more patient mom. I’m more confident. I think more clearly. Consequently, I have so much more energy and excitement about life in general. This is my easiest solution to quickly help with feelings of burnout.
    Woman exercising: Yoga workout.

    Overcoming Burnout Tips

  • Make time for something you love every day
    I have to take a shower every day as a mom, long showers are my jam. There’s something about feeling clean and getting even a little ready that I just love. It’s a few minutes for me, and it changes my mentality.
    Also, if you’re a mom, you know how crucial some me-time is. Whatever your hobby or indulgence is, it’s okay to bask in it! Those guilty pleasure TV shows are known to save many overwhelmed moms.
    As a result, you can find a little more drive to overcome those burnt-out mom feelings.
    overcoming burnout tips.
  • Outsource
    If you aren’t motivated to tackle it yourself, can you outsource? I’ve hired other people to do pieces of my business I have no desire to do. There have been babysitters who can energetically take my kids to the park for me. At the office, I’ve asked to trade tasks with friends (sure I’ll share email copy templates if you’ll figure out what’s wrong with this spreadsheet).
    In conclusion, sometimes the best way to get through something when you’re so burnt out is to let someone else take over.
  • Seek Professional Help
    I’m such an advocate for marriage counseling if you’re struggling or feeling burnt out!
    Truly, mental health is so important. It may be time to see a professional to discuss if medication is for you. From those who have been there, they attest it can change everything.
    Perhaps a therapist to listen to you hash through those burnout feelings can make all the difference.
    Admittedly, I probably should have put this one first, because it’s so important!

May you find some tools and timing for self-care friends! Burnout is very real, and overcoming burnout is crucial to help you keep moving forward!

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    This has been so helpful for me to read! I get burnout easily sometimes when it comes to blogging even though I love it! Thanks for these great tips.