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Tips to Keep Your House Clean With A Mobile Baby

Tips to Keep Your House Clean With A Mobile Baby: Small things that make a big difference when you have a little one who gets into everything!

This post is sponsored by Swiffer. All thoughts and experiences are my own.

It’s a funny moment to go from “Oh you can crawl!” to instantly realizing a tiny human can now destroy a room in no time! Sometimes keeping a house clean with a mobile baby seems like an oxymoron, but I’ve learned there are a few mom hacks plus tips to keep the house clean even with a crawling baby.

These five things make a big difference in small ways that add up to a much cleaner house while keeping that mobile little human alive.

Tips to Keep Your House Clean with A Mobile Baby

  • A quick floor cleaning any chance I can get! The Swiffer WetJet Wood keeps my floors clean and thus my crawling baby out of the mess too! It’s lightweight and I can grab it and do a quick clean every day.
    Whether you recently uncovered wood floors, just added them, or you have had them for ages, Swiffer WetJet Wood is a fast and easy way to help maintain them. That way you can keep loving your wood floors instead of stressing over how best to clean them.
    Even though there will always be life lived on your floors, (and little people making messes and crawling around in them), Swiffer WetJet Wood makes cleaning quick and effective. This house cleaning tip allows you to spend more time enjoying life’s messiest, most smudge-inducing moments. Particularly with your messiest little people!
    Keeping house clean with baby
  • Start a load of laundry every night, and set a delay wash. I often get so busy with the baby I don’t get to rotate the laundry during the day. I’m great at starting it first thing, but I find myself re-washing it. Setting a load every night with a delay timer to finish around the time I wake up has made a huge difference! I can rotate it when I wake up and not worry about re-wash, The whole family has cleaner clothes and a more efficient system because of this hack!
  • Pick up items on the ground while the baby is eating. When he’s safe in his high chair, I go ahead and pick up everything I can. He doesn’t crawl around me. I have a minute or two at each feeding and all of these little moments of picking up as we go means the house stays so much cleaner.
    Cleaning tips when you have a mobile baby
  • Use a robot vacuum each night. We have ours set on a schedule so we wake up to a vacuumed house each morning. That’s one less chore for me, and I know all the crumbs are off the floor and it’s ready for the baby to crawl around. Plus, I can grab the Swiffer WetJet Wood and spot clean after he’s had his messy breakfast.
    house clean with a mobile baby
  • Keep a drawer of toys or a portable box of toys in the kitchen. Babies love to explore and get into cabinets. If you give them an area that’s dedicated just for them, they are more inclined to make less mess! This way, he gets to be with me while I cook or clean. My pots and pans stay in cabinets and we don’t risk floor damage. I get a lot more done and he keeps his messes and exploration contained.
  • It just takes a little concentrated effort and a few mom hacks to really make a difference! These few simple tips to keep the house clean with a baby and simple routines keep our house so much cleaner. And also, our floors looking so much better!


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