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36 Hours in SLC: Visiting Music and the Spoken Word

Information on visiting Music and the Spoken Word in Salt Lake City, and why seeing Music and the Spoken Word Live is a must do!

Salt Lake City Visit

I know I kind of split this in two here, but really, the most amazing cupcakes to come to AZ needed to be shared sooner than later! 
We decided with free flights we couldn’t pass up 36 hours in Utah. 
Our second day was a Sunday, which translates to everything is closed and it’s fairly dead in Utah. Most people are Mormons and spend their time at church and with their families. We decided we should actually do about the same thing, even while on vacation! 

Music and the Spoken Word

One wonderful thing to experience is Music and the Spoken Word. It’s a broadcast that started in the 1920’s to inspire and share great music. And the program features the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Guess where they perform- in the Tabernacle! It’s the oldest, continuously broadcast national program in the world. It’s just a pretty cool thing to attend! So of course this was on our Sunday morning list.
Music and the Spoken Word Live

It really is such a cool, historic place to be.

Salt Lake City Music and the Spoken Word Live

And as if that wasn’t fun enough, guess who I ran into while there? One of my favorite blogging friends I’ve always wanted to meet, Shannon Brown! She inspires me all the time to better document life, enjoy your family, have fun with your husband and kids, and truly find joy in the journey! Plus she’s the originator of the 12 Months of Dates idea- how cool is that? Her kids were experts at climbing in all pictures, and cracked me up every time! She’s in Vegas, and I’m in AZ, so to meet in Utah was pretty coincidental and cool!

Running Into Friends at Music and the Spoken Word Live

After the concert we went to visit the historic Temple Square and look at the Salt Lake LDS Temple- a structure that took 40 years to build by pioneer settlers.

Jacob asked about a location he wanted to find- the pedestal that all the couples who get married here take a very stereotypical picture on. He wanted to find it and recreate it. So first we found it!

Salt Lake City Temple

And then, we recreated it!

Salt Lake City Temple

And then I told him about the proposal spots- the JSMB dining area, the carriage rides, and of course the reflecting pond. Which is snapped a quick picture of!

Visiting Salt Lake City Temple

We spent the rest of our day with friends and family. Jacob’s two best friends from high school married each other, and we absolutely love them! In fact, we went on a cruise with them a 2 years ago! They just had a baby, and we went to meet her.

After, we headed to my brother’s house to meet our two-week-old nephew, and to bribe his sisters into loving us with new toys. Works like a charm every time! Seriously, isn’t this such a precious little guy?

New Nephew

I’m so glad we opted to stay those extra 6 hours so we could spend some quality time with friends and family- always a great time when you get to do that!

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  1. Shannon Brown says:

    My kids are total turkeys. Thanks for humoring them! SO fun to run into you. You and your husband are so cute and do the most fun things!

  2. HAHA, I'm glad people don't have to wonder anymore!

    And the answer to your question- non one! Everyone needs cupcake sandwiches in their world!

  3. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    Your mormon is showing on your blog. I kid, I kid…you know we talked about this. But I like that you had this adventure to Utah, and I also approve that you split the post up into a cupcake sandwich. Who doesn't need a cupcake sandwich?