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5 Minute Curls: How to Curl Long Hair in 5 Minutes or Less

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Tools. All opinions are 100% mine.

Pretty much my entire life I’ve had long hair. I should add long stick-straight hair. It grows quickly and even when I cut it short it doesn’t take long to become long hair again. My hair is fine but thick, and for a long time I wasn’t sure I’d ever figure out how to curl long hair and make it last.

The more I’ve tried products, the more I’ve learned how to curl long hair and keep it curly. More than that, I’ve learned how to create 5-minute curls! As a busy mom, that’s typically all the time I have to get ready in the morning. The right curling iron makes all the difference. Let me show you how the Hot Tools 1″ barrel creates these 5-minute curls and how to curl long hair fast!

How to Curl Long Hair

I love starting a few inches from the bottom. With long hairstyles, the style is often going to mostly show at the top and the bottom of the hair. Instead of using the wrap-around method for curling iron waves several people use, I am an advocate for the clamp! The wrap has its place, but when you want long, casual curls and you only have 5 minutes, the clamp is your friend!

The Hot Tools curling irons are perfect for this. The clamp holds well without leaving a mark! You can easily clamp the bottom and wrap the rest of the hair around the top without fear of lines or indentations. It’s a beautiful design, and one I’ve loved so much I’ve used for years! In fact, the Hot Tools Signature Series curling iron is such a great value, and you can get it at Walmart for an amazing price!

I’ve loved and used my original curling iron so much the past seven years that when I accidentally cracked the base while traveling, I knew it was a great time to upgrade to a new one.

hot tools curling iron

Can I note it still works amazingly after all that time? Even with a cracked base, it still is the best curling iron for easy 5 minute curls! I’m really a fan of Hot Tools, and I’m excited to try the Hot Tools flat iron and blow dryer next!

Hot Tools review.

Okay, back to the easy curls!

Easy 5 Minute Curls Instructions

First of all, curling in two layers makes this a lot easier. I divide the top of my hair from the bottom and place it up in a clip. I’ll curl the bottom half first, and then when it’s complete curl the top. The instructions from here apply to any section of the hair, no matter how you start or where you finish.

Start close to the bottom, leaving about 2 inches of hair out. This gives a wavy, effortless look. You’ll want to aim the curls the direction opposite your face on each side. So on your right side, the tail should poke out the on the right. On left side, the tail should poke out on the left.

how to curl long hair in 5 minutes or less!

Clamp down the hair and turn the curling away from your face. Even when you’re wondering how to curl long hair and make it last, starting close to the bottom and getting hair wrapped around the curling iron up to at least your ears is a good way to go. It will place the heat mostly in the middle, giving body and helping and long hair stay curly longer.

The Hot Tools curling iron has different temperature levels, and it’s easy to use a higher temperature to help hold curls for longer. It’s also easy to go lower to avoid as much heat damage. I like to use about 360 degrees. You can play with this temperature to see what works best for your hair.

how to curl long hair in 5 minutes or less!

At 360 degrees I hold the curling iron for about 10 seconds each section. With about six sections to do on the bottom, and about 10 up top, I can get these curls done in about four minutes. It’s amazingly fast on even the busiest of mornings!

Best of all, once the curl is set and clamped, your other hand is free. I can do most of my makeup while I wait for the curls. It’s my best mom secret. Hair and makeup at the same time make all the difference!

When I’m done, I grab some taming product, and I lightly comb through the curls with the product. It makes it look more uniform. Also, frizz doesn’t show with a little product. I like to use my hands so I keep most the curl in place. But if you want a very relaxed curl, a paddle brush comb through works well too.

5 minute curls for long hair

I finish it all off with some flexible hold hairspray. Between the quick comb through and the hairspray, I’m just under five minutes. Thus 5 minute curls!

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