All You Need Is Love Bridal Shower Theme

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All You Need is Love A Beatles inspired bridal shower

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My little sister is getting married next week, and I’m so excited that the big day is almost here! She’s a really amazing person with a brain that’s analytical and artistic and thinks in a creatively technical way that I honestly believe few do! I’ve always wondered what type of guy she’d end up with. I’m happy to say a really amazing one! We love him a lot, they are the perfect match, and they’re such a good-looking pair too!

We’ve been really good friends since she was a teenager; we’re both in marketing, we’re both in tech, we both love to travel the world, and we both do a lot of writing and photography personally and professionally. I used to fashion blog, and I actually started it because she started one as she went off to college so we could still share outfits with each other. We’re proof that age gaps really don’t matter and you can grow up to be very close! With this, imagine my thrill when she asked me to be her matron of honor.

One of the duties includes throwing a bridal shower, which is something I love to do! Planning a theme with food and decor is always fun, and watching someone you love showered with gifts is so rewarding and exciting. But this was one shower I knew needed a unique, simple, fun theme, just like my sister. I threw a few out there, and she didn’t get too excited about any but told me to do whatever. I finally thought of an original idea perfect for her- a song-lyrics based shower. She is about the biggest music lover in the world, and has a very impressive concert ticket stub collection. I figured utilizing song lyrics would be a fun way to go, and guess what, she loved it! However, the more we talked about it, the more we decided to narrow it down to one song from one era and use inspiration from the artist and their album covers as decor for the shower. It didn’t take long to settle on the Beatles and go with the song “All You Need Is Love” as the theme.

All You Need is Love Bridal Shower Sign

I liked the idea of using the Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band brights and having a simple shower with a few bright pops of color to guide the theme. It was so easy to do with brightly dyed flowers and a few bright engagement picture prints as simple decor.

Bright Flowers decoration.

Bridal Shower Picture decor

I partnered with Minted for the invitations. Minted has the cutest invitations with so many customizing options that it makes greeting cards and invites about the easiest and cutest thing to do! I knew this invitation was the one from the first moment I saw it! Bright, fun, cheery, and perfect for my sister and this theme!

Bridal Shower Invite

Invitations courtesy of Minted


And I have to add that the Minted printing service is truly amazing! I love having addresses and return addresses printed. You can even design custom stamps. Everything looks and feels polished, and this service saves hours!

Minted Shower Invites

In addition to flowers, which I’ve learned can decorate any party almost single-handed, we also used the theme “All You Need Is Love” in as much decor as possible.

“All you need is love…and maybe a bridal shower.”

“All you need is love…and maybe some gifts.”

Beatles themed bridal shower. All you Need is Love party theme.

“All you need is love…and maybe some advice…”

All you need is love and advice

“All you need is love…and maybe a dessert…or two…”

All you need is love and dessert

And to make lunch simple, inexpensive, nice, and easy all at the same time, we decided a few slow cookers full of soup were the way to go. All the family members made a Crock Pot of soup with one taking on the bread assignment. I made this recipe, that’s so simple it’s almost embarrassing, but it’s always a big hit! It really was the easiest thing to do and we had a great response. Plus who can resist a sign that reminds you “All you need is love…and maybe some soup”?

all you need is love and soup

Bridal shower soup bar.

We also played my favorite shower game, but I plan to share that in detail next week. It’s worth its own post so I can fully explain it for anyone throwing a shower in the near future!

I couldn’t be more thrilled for this bride-to-be, for her cute future groom, and for the Beatles for inspiring a song and a shower so perfect for this cute couple!

*This post contains affiliate links

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  1. Elyse @ JustMurrayed says:

    What a cute theme idea and bridal shower!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      Thank you! It was so fun and easy to pull together!

      1. Do you have the template for this shower idea? I would love to use it.