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The Best Bridal Shower Game

Looking for the best bridal shower game? These he said she said bridal shower game questions are something everyone enjoys and are always good for a laugh. Here’s a full list of bridal shower games questions and how to play the game.

I’m old enough to have logged in some serious time at bridal showers by now. I’ve watched friends marry, cousins marry, friends re-marry, and I’ve actively attended weddings and bridal showers for more than a decade. I absolutely love wishing the bride well and showering her with gifts, it’s such a fun time!

However, I have to admit, that I’m not always a fan of shower games. They are often cheesy, take up too much time, and distract from the moments to socialize. They definitely have their place, but I’ve seen a few good with a few bad.

When I threw my little sister’s bridal shower last week the topic of games came up with our family and felt iffy on doing them at all. She would have a lot of her family, a lot of his family, childhood friends and neighbors, professional friends, high school friends, college friends, etc. present. Basically, all phases of her life would be represented at one large shower.

That cut out a lot of options, and I decided if we were going to do a game it needed to be tasteful, fun, and appropriate for all ages. That’s when I remembered one I had seen before and loved most and decided to copy this game that I’m deeming the best bridal shower game ever!

Bridal Shower Game Questions

Here’s the premise, you’ll interview the groom-to-be and ask a serious of questions that you’ll film. You’ll then splice all the clips into a movie and you’ll have the bride guess what she thinks his answer was. It’s essentially the newlywed game for engaged couples. So maybe the “How Well Do You Know Your Fiance Game” is the right title.

Bridal Shower video game with questions.

The fun twist I’ve seen at a few showers involves a pack of bubble gum. If the bride misses a question by not answering the same as her fiance, she has to put a piece in her mouth and must continue to add to the wad in her mouth throughout the game as she misses questions. As they have a harder time speaking with so much in their mouth, the funnier the game gets.

Bubble Gum bridal shower game

I’m definitely not the originator, many people do a version of this game, but as I set out to get started I did find it a little hard to gather questions that were a good blend of easy/hard/funny/sweet/silly/cute and appropriate for the mother-of-the-groom as well as something college roommates would enjoy. I searched online and grabbed several, I added several of my own, and I adjusted as I interviewed the groom so it would work smoothly during the shower.

He Said She Said Bridal Shower Games Questions

So today I’m sharing my list for anyone hosting a bridal shower in their near future. Here’s what I asked the groom and filmed his answers to:

  1. How did you two meet?
  2. What was your first date?
  3. When did you realize you love her?
  4. What’s your favorite feature about the bride?
  5. What is your nickname for the bride?
  6. Describe the bride’s dream vacation?
  7. What is the groom’s dream vacation?
  8. If you won $1000 today, what would you do with the money?
  9. If she won $1000 today, what would she do with the money?
  10. Who is a better kisser?

    The Bridal Shower Question Game

  11. How many children do you plan to have?
  12. What would the bride say is your most annoying habit?
  13. What would you say is the bride’s most annoying habit?
  14. Name the bride’s first favorite movie?
  15. What was the first album/song you purchased?
  16. Name the first concert she attended?
  17. What sound or impersonation do you do best?
  18. We are complete opposites when it comes to ______
  19. What was the first thing you thought when you first met her?
  20. What was she wearing the first time you met?
  21. Name her favorite Beatles Song?
  22. What’s her favorite physical feature about you?
  23. What is her signature dance move?

    Bridal Shower Game Questions For the Groom

  24. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  25. What’s her spirit animal?
  26. Name the emoji best represents her?
  27. What is her best personality characteristic?
  28. What is her favorite thing about you?
  29. If you go to brunch, what will you order?
  30. If she could get rid of one item from your closet, what would it be?

What’s your favorite thing about the bride, and why do you love her?

The Best Bridal Shower Game

The last one I just recorded so she can forever have a sentimental reminder that he really loves her and a few reasons why! Not to mention at this point she had two packs of Bubble Yum in her mouth, so she needed a break and to just smile. And smile she did!

Bridal Shower Sentimental Game

The Best Bridal Shower Game

The outcome? I had a few middle-aged women in tears they were laughing so hard! The bride was just slightly embarrassed, enough to make it fun without humiliating her. The groom had a fun time doing it and said some of the sweetest things that made me almost tear up. The groom’s grandma may have enjoyed it the most, which just thrilled me! It was about 20 minutes to play, just the right amount of time without taking over the entire shower, and everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy this fun game!

So if you’re looking for the perfect bridal shower game, I’d highly recommend this “How Well Do You Know Your Fiance?” modern-day video version- it’s a winner that’s easy to pull together and something they can both cherish throughout their marriage.

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  1. What a great game! I want to do this for my niece’s shower next month. Did you just video with your phone or use a program to splice the questions in?

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I took the video with my regular camera, but you could totally use a phone too! I used iMovie to splice it together, but if you’re a windows user I believe there’s a free program that will splice it all together too!