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20 Chambray Dress Outfits You’ll Love!

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Is there anything better than a dress you can wear on date night, rock on your next lunch with girlfriends, and wear in everyday mom life and look amazing in while feeling like you’re wearing pajamas? The chambray dress is this gift to women everywhere, and a good chambray dress outfit is so easy to pull together effortlessly.

Chambray Dress outfits.

When I found this one I fell head over heels, it’s extra lightweight fabric for the end of summer heat waves, but it has the right length and styling to make it an easy fall transition.

Chambray Dress outfit ideas.

I’m an extra big fan of how easy chambray is to clean and care for. Stick hand print? No problem, it washes like a charm! A little wrinkly? Spray it down lightly with a water bottle and throw it in the dryer for a few minutes, or just go with it because it’s a fabric that looks good with those natural wrinkles and textures it holds.

How to style a Chambray Dress.

I love that every color matches it, and every style too. I could grab a leather jacket and studded booties and feel great, I could wear a simple pair of sandals, I could grab knee boots and sweater, a pair of red heels and diamond jewelry, or dress it down like I did for this look with some booties, a hat, and the cutest boho bag with so many pockets it makes finding anything easy!

Cute Chambray Dresses.

I love this style, but because of the versatility and neutral canvas, I’m ready to invest in at least one more chambray dress for fall, and I’m so glad it’s one of fall’s trends (just check out how many Old Navy has in stock – wow!) with so many options at so many price points! I rounded up 20 I’m in love with, including the one I’m wearing that are perfect for fall. Let me know, what’s your favorite chambray style and which would you most likely wear this fall?

20 Chambray Dresses You'll Love!

* Photos by Christie Knight

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  1. You look SO good in these photos! Also, I need another chambray dress, obviously.