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Taco Date to Tacotopia

Did you know there’s a #internationaltacoday? We had the stars align when we had plans for a taco date night with a visit to Tacotopia happened on the same night

Taco Date Night

Date Info: Tacotopia pop up experience paired with taco 

Price: $25 per person (includes a drink and tacos!)
Location: There are Tacotopia pop-ups coming all over the place, but we visited the Tacotopia Phoenix, which is located at Tempe Marketplace next to Barnes and Noble.
Time: 1-2 hours
Tip: Go early! You’ll get better pictures with fewer people interacting with experiences.
Taco pop up experience.

Tacotopia Phoenix

I love that pop-up experiences have become a regular date night we can experience! Each one is different with fun things to experience. However, the best part may be that they make for amazing pictures that are so fun to take! Even if you hate taking pictures, I promise this is a game-changing experience that makes even the most camera-shy person smile.
When you combine a fun pop-up experience with a taco date, you definitely have a winner!
Taco themed date night.

A Celebration of All things Taco

Tacotopia is truly a celebration of all things taco! From tacos in many art forms. To each and every condiment. To the drinks and sides commonly paired with tacos.
guac is extra
You’ll experience a little bit of everything, including eating street tacos. We have amazing tacos in Phoenix, and it was so fun to see a local street vendor in-house making tacos for those enjoying a taco date night.


Tacotopia FAQs:

How do you get pictures?
There are two ways! We brought our tripod and remote, which were both allowed. They also have employees who float around ready to help if you want a picture.
I also saw plenty of groups trade photos, and a few professional photographers capturing headshots as well.
What’s the best interactive part of the exhibit?
The taco bull ride was a fun surprise! We had a great time turning up the speed on each other and doing our best to ride that taco!
Tacotopia popup experience.
Do they do a Tacotopia Promo Code?
Check Groupon for deals, and they often do promotions on social media.
*We were hosted for this date night, but all opinions are our own!

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  1. Kate Lately says:

    This is SO COOL!
    I want Tacotopia to come to Canada!