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8 Things I Love About My Husband on Our 8th Anniversary

I got lucky in life. I mean really, honestly, truly lucky. My early 20’s may tell you otherwise with my crazy life story. But when love found me again and I met Jacob Whiting I knew he’d be the best decision I’d ever make.

He’s a culmination of choosing wisely, being picky, trying to be the best version of me to attract the best version of him. etc. But, it’s mostly the fact that I got lucky. I knew I’d found a four-leaf clover when we first became friends. My mind wasn’t on dating or marriage at the time, but he convinced me pretty quickly that amazing men are out there.

We’re celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary this week. That means we’re getting ready for our annual anniversary pictures (taking them a few weeks late this year- they are coming soon!), and we’re planning a perfect anniversary date idea. But it also means I get to take a day to be overly mushy and brag a little on the person I feel so lucky I ended up with.

In honor of the eight super happy years we’ve shared together, I wanted to share eight things I love about my husband.

8 Things I Love About My Husband on Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

  1. There’s never an “I can’t” with him.
    He fixes every freaking thing in our house. If he doesn’t know how, he’ll learn. If he didn’t do it right, he’ll take it apart and do it again. Additionally, if he fails at anything in life he instantly makes a plan to do it again. That attitude is one of my favorite things about this man. And the fact that we don’t pay for repairman/woman costs really make me smile.
  2. He may be the world’s best listener.
    Anyone who knows us both, know I’m the louder more verbose one. Jacob can definitely hold his own, but he’s more of a seek-first-to-understand than to-be-understood kind of guy.
    Many nights he comes home and will talk for 30 minutes straight before I realize I haven’t let him get a word in edgewise. Life with little people and an introverted job sometimes just really come out. We joke that I talk at him a lot instead of talk to him. But he always listens. He teases right back that he loves it and to “go ahead and talk at me!” while he listens intently.
    He’s the kind of guy that everyone opens up to. He really listens, he really validates feelings, and he really cares. things I love about my husband
  3. He’s a tease.
    We kind of love to prank each other. He really loves to tease our kids. Sometimes to the point I have to remind him one is just a baby. It’s always hilarious, he’s really good at getting the best of us, and I laugh daily at his teasing.
  4. The perfect hipster intellect.
    He really loves NPR. He’s totally your hipster friend with funky dress socks who can recount the entire morning news because he listens so intently. If I haven’t opened the news on any given day he can recount it all. He may even tell you about it over avocado toast. Okay, he may not be all hipster, but he’s definitely well-read and well-listened and always in the know.
    Why I love my husband more the more time goes on
  5. He’s humble.
    He has really gained an impressive resume in the past two years. I’m amazed at the big projects and clients he works with. I’m in awe that his boss took me to lunch to thank me for sacrificing my time with him so the business could see some amazing gains. He’s as smart as a whip and you’ll never hear him speak condescendingly or exclusive towards anyone.
    He treats life like he just goes to work and comes home.
    He’s great at so many things, and there’s never a moment of pride or boasting with this humble catch.
  6. He never stops.
    I mean this in the best way possible. He goes to work early, he comes home later than most, and he never stops. He jumps right into grabbing a baby, finishing dinner, or helping me with a work project. Also, he cleans and folds the laundry. He takes on every home task even after exhausting work days. He’s always on, and loves to be productive. If you look up the polar opposite of lazy, you’ll see Jacob.
    what I love about my husband after eight years of marriage
  7. He’s kept his word.
    He keeps his word in everything for the record, he’s as honest as they come. But when he told me we’d go on a date every week and we’d still be happily married no matter our age, I mostly believed and fully hoped. I should have had more faith. He’s done everything he promised me, and more.
    I actually feel like he loves me more now than he did when we were newlyweds. He’s made me a very happy person. Even though he’s not a super romantic guy, he tells me often how grateful he is for me and how he loves me more. I feel the same! I’m so grateful our newlywed vows are still something we live by.
    Plus, he said he’d take a picture with me every week when we started this blog. Can we all just applaud Jacob for being the world’s best sport eight years and over 1,000 posts later?
  8. He keeps my life fun.
    For the record, I think we’re both pretty fun people on our own. But, we’re both super responsible people who are always tackling the next chore or project.
    We’ve both shared how much more fun our lives have been together. If we’re working side by side, we’re laughing. But, even more, we’ve given each other an excuse to have fun.
    Clearly, there’s our regular weekly date night that makes life fun. But he’s the one that also finds our next big trips. He works those reward points for flights. And he’s the pushover who takes his son on just about any adventure he requests. My life has so many more fun things in it because we have each other and know we’ll both be up

There are a lot more than just 8 things I love about my husband, but I’ll keep my mushy feelings at bay. I’m grateful for a very happy eight years. But I’m even more grateful that this guy is mine for eternity!

Photos: Chrissy Blake

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