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Baby Travel: 9 Reasons to Include Travel With a Baby

Thinking of traveling abroad with a baby

? Here are 9 reasons you’ll love baby travel and tips to make travel with a baby a great experience! 
Traveling abroad with a baby

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I was afraid that travel would come to a halt when we had our first baby. I think so many parents feel like baby travel is a chore they don’t want to take on. However, we’ve found baby travel is one of our favorite things and one of the best times to take a vacation!

The opportunity to take a trip to Europe with a 9-month-old convinced me that baby travel is the perfect time to take them for so many good reasons. Here are nine reasons why traveling with a baby is a great idea.

Baby Travel Tips

Why You Should Travel with Your Baby While They’re Still a Baby

  1. You won’t miss them while you’re away.

    As a mom who is with our children the majority of each day, I know how amazing it can be to get a break. But I’ve also learned after a few days away we start missing our children terribly.
    When we went to Europe several years ago, I tried to talk my husband into leaving him behind. Dad was working abroad on an international assignment. I was home, solo-parenting, and it felt so overwhelming to bring an almost-two-year-old. But Jacob swore he’d head up everything baby and was good on that promise! He also mentioned how he just missed the little guy so much already. He couldn’t stand being away for 10 days.
    I’m so glad we did this! He was a great traveler and we truly would have missed him so much, it would have been hard to enjoy the second half of our trip.

  2. Save the hassle and cost of finding a babysitter

    Even those with regular sitters may find it difficult to book someone for an entire week or more. Plus the cost of a daily sitter really adds up!
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    Best Baby Stroller for Travel

  3. It’s easier than you’d think with the right stroller.

    There are so many products that make baby travel really easy and convenient these days! But a definite must-have should be an amazing travel stroller.
    We love the Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller, it makes baby travel a dream! It’s a design with plush, cushioned padding that supports baby’s head, back, tush and legs for comfort. Plus there’s a deep reclining, padded seat and adjustable leg rest that allows baby to stretch their legs out and get a nap on-the-go. A big UV 50 sun canopy shades baby, and it’s a place they can truly feel comfortable and enjoy a good rest.
    The reasons to include baby travel and why it's the perfect time to take them on a trip! I love how convenient it is for parents too! The Ergobaby Metro Stroller is small enough to take onto subways and buses. When folded, it can fit into most airline overhead bins, a small car trunk and under the restaurant table. It’s an easy one-handed fold and only 14 lbs. Baby is happy and comfortable in this sturdy stroller and it makes it easier for parents to travel with baby.
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  4. You don’t have to buy a ticket if they are under two.

    You will likely have to pay taxes, but it’s usually substantially less than a ticket or the cost of a sitter.
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    Baby Travel: 9 Reasons Why You Should Bring Baby

  5. Create family memories

    Sure your baby likely won’t remember their baby travel experiences, but you will! They have a way of remembering the pictures you will show them and the stories you will tell.
    Family Travel: why and how to Travel with a baby

  6. Family bonding.

    This is more for the parents than the baby, but there’s something about being all together 24/7 for multiple days. Our babies have loved being with us nonstop. We love having two parents to parent. Add in the fun and culture and it’s just an amazing time when we all really bond.

  7. It’s empowering as parents

    I had a moment nursing my baby outside a castle in Spain. That was one of the most empowering moments of my life. I thought of the women of history who must have had the same experiences. It made me realize how strong parents have been since the dawn of time.
    As I changed my baby’s diaper in inconvenient locations, nursed at historical locations, and kept him alive and happy while traveling i felt this empowerment that I could and would do anything for this child no matter where we are. My husband feels the same. We come home closer as an entire family, and more confident in parenting.
    How to Family travel with a baby

  8. They grow up learning to love travel and always remember it as part of their life.

    Our three-and-a-half-year-old is such a great traveler! He loves airplanes, he loves visiting new places, and thanks to Europe, he loves pigeons. It’s always been something we do as a family, and he’s adventurous and loves new experiences young. I’m so grateful he’s lucky enough to just know it’s a part of life and really enjoy it.

  9. You can take a longer trip

    There’s nothing like knowing you don’t have to rush back to your kids. It really is special to take a longer trip with them so you feel like you are home even when you’re away.

I hope this helps with more confidence to include baby travel and feel empowered about traveling with a baby! You can do it, and it’s truly a wonderful memory for you to include them! 

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