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Neuhaus Chocolate: The Neahaus Belgian Chocolate Factory

A guide to Neuhaus chocolate: The Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Factory and how to visit the best-kept secret of Belgium.

The Neuhaus Chocolate Factory

The beautiful thing about social media is you can crowdsource any piece of advice you need and within hours have a bunch of advice from friends. I’d like to shout out to my friend Nancy who tipped us off to the biggest hidden gem of Belgium travel: The Neuhaus Chocolate Factory.

She simply told us to go, and it took a lot of investigation to figure out how to get to the Neuhaus Chocolate Factory, also known as the Neuhaus Outlet; where it is, and why it’s so amazing.

I knew I’d come home and write a blog post dedicated to this just because it’s the hidden gem of Belgium travel and anyone on a quest to find the best Belgian chocolate with free samples and discount boxes needs to know this information!Neuhaus Chocolate: Belgium chocolate

Why Neuhaus Chocolate

Neuhaus claims to have invented the praline: aka the soft nougat center coated in hard chocolate. Which encompasses a good chunk of chocolate as we know it! They resource and use the best ingredients, and they claim to be THE Belgian chocolate.

That last part may be up for debate, there are a lot of chocolatiers in Belgium and it’s not hard to find amazing. However, Neuhaus is definitely one of the biggest, the richest, and the most sought after. I’ve had a lot of fine chocolate in my day. Including our making a chocolate date in Peru at the world’s largest organic cocoa plantation. Also, Switzerland deserves a shout out too, who likewise claims the world’s best chocolate. I would say Neuhaus contends with both of these chocoholic experiences. And when you can try them for free, all the better.

How to get discount belgian chocolate

how to Get Discount Belgian Chocolate

The only problem is the price. There are Neuhaus shops all over Belgium, but only the Factory really hooks you up with the ability to taste the chocolate before you buy and buy at a price that will allow half a suitcase full without taking out a student loan to afford.

Chocolate in Belgian runs about €8-€25 for a 250g box (depending on quality). Which means about 10 Euros will get you five small pieces in most places. Some are more, some are less, but that’s about the standard. We found a box the size you’d gift someone for Valentine’s Day to run about 30 euros. If you want to eat chocolates to your heart’s content and bring home some as souvenirs or gifts, it adds up quickly. Even purchasing one box to split barely makes it into our cheap dates category.

What is the NeUhaus Outlet shop?

It’s a place you can buy Neuhaus chocolates in bulk for about half the price. They sell all their standard chocolate boxes and packages at a standard price. However, there’s an outlet area that really gives you a deal you won’t see anywhere inexpensive artesian chocolate shops.

neuhaus chocolate outlet

This is the same chocolate sold in stores, but there’s also a value section where you can buy a kilo box of one flavor at a steep discount. A kilo (box) runs 25 euros, and if you buy two for 50 euros you get one free. It’s a bit of a no-brainer to go for three boxes. The only downside is you only get up to three flavors.

Neuhaus outlet: Belgian Chocolate

This wasn’t an issue for us, we had two flavors we loved so much they instantly went into our cart. The dark chocolate salted caramel was the best thing I’ve ever tasted, and we actually decided to buy two full boxes of this knowing we’d love one for us, and one to gift.

But wait, there’s more that provides an even better deal! Sometimes they run the chocolates and have enough left over for a tray or two, but not the four trays that go in a kilo box. So they package these in an ultra-discount box with two mystery flavors. You don’t know what you’ll get, just that one will be one type of milk chocolate and one dark. They run 10 euros, and you have to wait until you’ve bought them to open them up and see.

It’s a risk for sure. We ended up with a jam-filled milk truffle and an ultra dark (almost coffee but not quite) flavored tray. Both were (and still are) excellent. But neither would have been our first choice.

My husband purchased a box knowing he planned to take one to the office after our trip. We knew if there were flavors we weren’t crazy about, they could just go right to the office.Belgium chocolate factory

But I’d still argue this is a great way to go. Even if you leave with a suitcase full of chocolate like we did. We spent 60 euros total for what would have cost us at least quadruple that amount in standard boxes.

So how to do you get to this magical place?…

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate

Directions to Neuhaus Chocolate Outlet

It’s an easy metro ride away. There’s one metro line that ends at Erasme. You’ll take it all the way to the end of the line to the Erasme metro station. It’s about an eight-minute walk out of the metro station.

It’s so easy to find from there! First, head out of the metro and take a left. Pass the taxi area and head up the main road. Cross the street and turn to left. In a minute or two you’ll see a Brussels sign and a Neuhaus sign right behind it.

You can also plug the Neuhaus Outlet address into Google Maps and get easy walking directions.

Neuhaus Outlet Address: Postweg 2, 1602 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium

belgian chocolate tour

Tips for the Neuhaus Chocolate Outlet

Get there early.

They open at 9:00 and I’d plan to get there within an hour or two of opening. They will give you all the free samples you want. But note that they run out of samples as the day goes on. Get their earlier in the day and you won’t have a problem trying everything to your heart’s content.

Go for the quality chocolates first.
Taste the fine chocolates out by the boxes and then head to the discount section. You’ll get to try their most popular and expensive items for free. Many of these aren’t in the promo section, so it’s an added bonus.

Bring water.
They give samples for free, but not a drink. It’s still a retail shop, so come prepared to wash down the rich chocolates with your own water.

Share to Enjoy More

Make it a date and share a piece for two! Or even three… it’s a lot to eat a full sample. You will love trying more if you can share pieces.

Have an Exit Strategy

Plan a way to carry those boxes back to the metro. We had our kids and a stroller, and there was still some crazy maneuvering to fit them under the stroller, on top, and a box on our toddler’s lap. I’d bring a large tote bag, suitcase, or an extra set of hands or two to carry your three + boxes out of there.
I’d also plan to head back to your hotel or AirBnB after the trip. It’s a lot to carry and a lot to store!

Plus, even when it’s colder out, the sun can easily melt your chocolates. Make sure you plan safekeeping to get them home in multiple pieces (because this is one time the expression in one piece would really be a bad thing)!

Where to get Belgian Chocolate deals.

Belgian Chocolate

I felt like we were on a chocolate taste testing tour with gourmet chocolates, only this time it was free. And it was in Belgium with some of the best chocolates in the world. Free + Belgian chocolates; those are both huge wins!

Should you have a Western Europe trip in your future and also if you love (or even remotely like) chocolate, this is one hidden gem of Belgium I would definitely not miss!

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