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How to Get Good Pictures: Easy Tips for Taking Better Photos at Home

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s, but all the lessons I’ve learned on how to get good pictures and take better photos at home are my own! 

We live in an era where almost everyone is on social media or has at least some social presence. Also, thanks to cell phones, everyone seems to have a camera in their hand, back pocket, or purse at all times. Just by the sheer amount of photos we take, most people are well aware of what a good picture looks like.
As someone who takes pictures daily as part of my job, I’ve learned so much about how to get good pictures. And the easy little tips for taking better photos at home can go such a long way in preserving memories and documenting your life or your kids’ lives too.

Simple tips to take better pictures.

How to Get Good Pictures

  1. Find your best lit area. We apply this rule when we’re out on a date. If a restaurant has a moody area and a well-lit table, we’ll ask for the best lighting to get pictures of date night. The same is true in your house. We have a few rooms we take the bulk of our photos in. They typically have large windows, great lighting at night, and they seem to come across so much better no matter what time of day we snap those shots!
  2. Choose the areas you love and feel comfortable in. Have you noticed we have a lot of pictures by our Chesterfield sofa in our living room? That area is well lit both day and night and also happens to be a room we love. Our guest room has fantastic lighting, and also desperately needs our junk cleared out and some decor. Consequently, it’s not in many pictures.
    When we’re at restaurants, parks, out on the town, etc. I love to find areas with my favorite colors. It’s amazing how just being in a space you like makes you (and your kids) feel more comfortable and more camera ready. Find spots in your home you love. If you don’t have any, try to create even just a few. You also likely won’t be ashamed by that clutter pile in the guest room in the background.

    Easy Tips for Better Pictures

  3. Face your light source. You want the light to make your face (or your subject’s faces) glow. A window behind you makes you look backlit and doesn’t capture your best self. Just by having the camera set up to take the picture with the light source on your face makes a world of difference! You’ll see more features, you’ll feel prettier, and you’ll get a higher quality picture with great lighting. That’s the number one I thing I did in the graphic above, I turned to face the light!
  4. Use natural light whenever possible. Nature has a way of illuminating things perfectly. You’ll be far happier with pictures with natural light. HOWEVER, we clearly do a lot of night photos. I love night photography and think a lot of the action and joy of life happens at night. So opt for natural light, but when you’re ready to capture those less than perfect daylight shots…
    How to choose the best light bulbs for at home photography.

    How to Get Better Photos At Home

  5. Choose the right light bulbs for your home. If you didn’t know, not all light bulbs are created equal. They are designed to set off different colors and tones. If you think every photo of your home with the lights on looks yellow, chances are you’re using a standard bulb that casts yellow hues. On the inverse, you could have a cool bulb making everyone and everything looks a little cold. That’s why a simple light bulb replacement can make all the difference!
    The Best Light bulbs for indoor photography.
    We love the GE Reveal 60-Watt EQ coloring-enhancing Dimmable Light Bulbs from Lowe’s. They not only cast a natural light hue, but they help you see details even better. These are fantastic in the bathroom when I’m doing my makeup.
    The best light bulb temperature for your home.
    They are such a good item to have in your kitchen so you see your food and your cooking process more clearly. Most of all, they are ideal for improving your photos with a natural-feeling light that lets you capture better photos at night or on cloudy days. Plus, my bathroom selfie game is so much strong with so much better details thanks to my GE Reveal Color-Enhancing Light bulbs.
  6. If you go outside in bright daylight, try to get pictures in the shade. Too much bright light can wash you out. That’s why so many professional photographers try to do pictures at dusk. It makes for much better lighting. It’s easy to take your kids from the middle of the backyard to under the porch. I promise you’ll like the results!

    Easy Ways to Take More Photogenic Pictures

  7. Don’t be afraid to add some lipstick or lip gloss. I’m home with my kids more than I’m working, so I get that getting ready every moment isn’t a thing for everyone. Also, I know lip color isn’t a thing for everyone either. With that said, I am a lipstick and lipgloss lover who often goes bold. I’ve had so many friends tell me they don’t like to stand next to me in a group picture because they look pale and flushed next to bright lips. It really is THAT big of a difference!
    If you’re jumping in a picture or taking a selfie, grab some lipstick or lip gloss. I promise you’ll be about 100 times happier with even casual pictures with even a little bit of color.
  8. Use a slight angle. This is more for self-conscious adults. But if you turn to a slight angle and put a hand on your hip you’ll play up a camera trick to make yourself look thinner and hit a more flattering angle. Seriously, check out your favorite fashion bloggers or models. You’ll see the angle and you can choose which one makes you look and feel the best. This was my other big trick in the graphic above. My face is at a slight angle, and the phone is just higher than my face. I look like I lost several pounds and it’s a better profile picture all around.
    Take better pictures at home: how to get good photos with any camera
  9. Fall in love with the chaos. Kids rarely look at a camera and smile. Your spouse may pull funny faces. And you know what, those pictures show their personality! In the long run, I love my kid’s quirky faces and the moments that really show us. Let go of the perfect moment and smile at the chaos that comes from pictures of your kids or your family that show the reality of life.
  10. Learn your camera. Even if it’s a phone, did you know most have settings where you can adjust the exposure? For those who don’t know what that is, that means more or less light is let in. You can literally brighten up a photo in a darker area or make a bright spot darker. double-check and play with your phone. I bet you’ll love the results of just a few tweaks from a little bit of practice.

I hope these easy tips help explain how to get good photos helps make a difference no matter what camera you use! May you love your pictures a little more, and capture the best parts of your life even easier!

And be sure to check out the GE Reveal 60-Watt EQ coloring-enhancing Dimmable Light Bulbs from Lowe’s for the highest quality indoor lighting that will make your home and your pictures look amazing!

Take Better Pictures_ 10 Easy Tips for Better Pictures no Matter What Camera You're Using

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