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Yesterday I shared our family’s back-to-school tradition with back-to-school dinner ideas. One of the things that makes a somewhat ordinary family dinner night feel like a party is a little decoration. I am not an over-the-top Pinterest mom unless it’s a child’s first birthday. (See the donut grow up party and Never Grow Up Peter Pan Party as proof). But for a night to celebrate the new school year, a simple back-to-school banner will do. 

Back to School Banner

I didn’t want to spend much on one. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of time making one. Ultimately, I decided I could easily design one myself and print it out. After the design, it was as easy as downloading, printing with a colored printer, cutting out, and attaching to some yarn. I simply taped it up and voila, an easy and cute back-to-school banner! 

I know a lot of families like to use back-to-school banners for back-to-school dinners as we did. Several love to decorate the front porch or garage door. And if you’re a teacher, by all means, feel free to download and use it in your classroom! 

Back to School Banner

I wanted to make a free back-to-school banner printable available to others so you can spread a little beginning of school fun. And I hope the few minutes it takes to assemble it works out as well for you as it did for us! 

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If you’re ready to grab your own welcome banner for school, you can grab the free download here! 


Just enter your name and email and we’ll send it straight to your inbox! If you don’t see if after you confirm your email, check the downloads folder on your internet browser. Sometimes it auto-downloads and will be saved there! 

And if you used it, we’d love to see it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram so we can enjoy the welcome back to school banner too! 

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