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Bass Pro Shop Santa: How to Get Free Santa Pictures

Bass Pro shops offer a FREE Santa visit and picture; here’s everything you need to know about visiting the Bass Pro Shop Santa!

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A favorite Christmas tradition is going to visit Santa Claus, but many families know it can be expensive to get a photo package during this holiday tradition.

Where Can I Get Free Pictures with Santa?

Enter the Bass Pro Shop Santa experience with a free photo courtesy of Bass Pro Shops! It feels too good to be true, but it actually is! You can visit Santa’s Wonderland Experience completely free- but you need to know a few crucial details to make it happen!

When Does Santa Arrive at Bass Pro Shops?

Santa typically arrives the first week of November in the United States, and the second week in Canada. This year his grand entrance was on November 5th. It’s usually around November 6th, so you can plan accordingly. He’s available for visits and pictures at Bass Pro Shops and your local participating Cabela’s Store until December 24th.

Note that they make a big deal about Santa’s grand entrance! Opening day is often a fun party with a festive parade, fun giveaways, and special offers at the Cabela’s store or Bass Pro Shops store. You may find exclusive deals, promotions, and specific attractions and festivals as part of the big day! Check with your store location, sometimes things change or they have different offerings.

Reserving a Time: A Must-Know Tip!

Do you need reservations to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops?

Yes, you do need a reservation. If they aren’t busy they will often take some walk-ins. If the line is low and you ask, they may also let you in. But most people make their free photo appointment and really want their photo sessions so they show.

Check Out Reservations HERE

Tip to Make Reservations

When I heard the annual Santa’s Wonderland Experience was coming back after a few years’ hiatus, I immediately started looking into reservation information and realized there are some hacks and information to know about to make sure you snag the perfect time at a Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s Store Santa’s Wonderland Experience.

  • Reservations go live 7-10 days in advance. This year, it was seven.
  • Free online reservations start at midnight one week in advance.
  • If you want a competitive timeslot (like a Saturday, Sunday, or Black Friday), plan a midnight booking one week before your desired date.
  • If you plan to go after the first week, and before the last week, you can usually get the time slot you want the next day without having to stay up late.
  • Weekdays are far less busy, particularly in the morning and afternoon. It’s often not too difficult to get a same-day reservation on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. So long as you go before the last week of
  • You may include the whole family in your reservation and up to 8 people can be in a party.
  • If you want multiple families photographed, each will need its own reservation.
  • This is the website link

What do Reservations Include?

Both Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s transforms an entire area for the holiday season. It’s one of those fun places to feel the magic of Christmas that they provide completely free!

First of all, a free Santa visit! The area is decorated to look like the North Pole without the cold! You’ll get a full indoor Santa’s Wonderland Experience completely free.

That means free Santa Pictures and some fun activities after! Expect some free games and some fun free giveaways with Santa glasses and reindeer ears. Check with your local store for a list of free activities.

What are the free pictures like?

You’ll get a 4×6 studio-quality photo for free! Because our kids made some silly faces, they actually gave us two, one with a hilarious face, and one with a sweet smile they were able to capture. They aren’t stingy, they’ll do what they can to get a great shot of your kids with Santa in the few-minute time slot you’ve reserved!

Do they offer Additional Packages?

They aren’t pushy about selling upgrades, but they are available! You can purchase additional photos and book additional photo packages if you want more prints or images. Grab a wallet print, larger prints, etc. They also have a package to get a digital download to share or use in a Christmas card.

What Else Is There To Do?

Bass Pro Shops can be a fun place just to visit and walk through!

Take kids to see some amazing aquariums with fish habitats and waterfalls in the store.

There are wildlife displays with scavenger hunts as you follow tracks.

Several have a rock wall with climbing areas.

And of course, they’re an outdoor superstore hoping to help inspire outdoor sports and living. There are a lot of unique gifts, sporting equipment, and camping gear to look at while you walk through the store.

Is It Worth It?

Since you’re getting pictures completely free, I’m going to say absolutely! They do a great job with outstanding customer service all in an attempt to help you capture timeless holiday memories.

If you’re looking for Christmas card pictures and modern edits, I’d plan a professional photo shoot. However, if you’re looking for an actual legit freebie and a fun experience, I’d include a trip to see Bass Pro Shops Santa as a part of the holiday tradition to see Santa for sure! They’re trying to put on the ultimate free family Christmas event, and they truly do a good job hooking families up with a free Christmas experience and memory!

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