10 Romantic Valentine’s Date Ideas

If you’re looking to do more than wait in line for 2 hours at a restaurant, or watch a movie on the couch at home, we have 10 unique, inexpensive, romantic Valentine’s Date Ideas for you this year:

1. Fondue Dinner at Home
Skip the price tag and wait and grab some savory and sweet items to dip for a romantic dinner together at home.

2. Paddle Boat or Canoe Rental
Inexpensive, romantic, and completely memorable

3. BYOB Paint Studio
If you don’t have one in your area grab a canvas and paint and copy a template- you can do this one at home!

4. Make Breakfast in Bed
Breakfast food is sweet and romantic, and out of the norm for a Valentine’s Day date. And it’s in bed, so I don’t think I need to say much more on that one!

5. Massage Night
Whether you book a couple’s massage in advance or decide to buy some massage oil/lotion and give each other one at home, this is a very romantic date that sets the mood quickly!

6. Sweets Tour of Your City
Many large cities off these, but you could come up with one on your own. Visit several bakeries and find the best cupcake. Try chocolates at many places. Eat a scoop of ice cream at all your local establishments, and create a score card for each finding the best sweet in your city together.

7. Make Hand Dipped Chocolates
Sure you can buy a box, but dipping them yourselves creates a romantic night in with chocolates customized just the way you like them.

8. Take a Dance Class
Always wanted to salsa/tango? Is there a better night than Valentine’s to hold hands, get close, and learn some dance moves?

9. Go Perfume/Cologne Shopping
We actually did this one last year and never documented it. We decided that was a romantic gift and we’d spend a night together smelling everything the mall had to offer. We walked out with a scent we both loved for each of us. It was a romantic night and romantic gift that keeps on giving.

10. Take a cooking class/cook a romantic dinner at home
The two formal classes we took were a bit pricey, but worth the memory for sure! However, we’ve had many equally romantic nights in cooking a dinner at home. If you don’t know where to start think of a restaurant in your area you both adore and copy their menu together. Don’t forget the sparkling cider/champagne- make sure you go all out on this one!

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