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Annual Anniversary Pictures: Anniversary #6: Part 2

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Annual Anniversary Pictures
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Anniversary #6

We decided when we got married it would be fun to do formal family pictures on our anniversary every year to document our family growing and changing and to one day print a picture from each year to put on a wall to see how our family grew and changed throughout our lifetime. We try to do some with a more formal outfit, some with a casual outfit, and several without our kids (which is only one now but we hope we’re lucky enough to get another miracle baby who appears someday).

We also love to add in a few props stating which number we’re on and take a picture with us holding the same wedding photo each year, as well as a picture where we hold up the previous year’s pic so we can create a loop of images dating back to the beginning. Here’s our collection of casual pictures from anniversary #6. If you missed our more formal pictures, here’s a link to our annual anniversary shoot year #6: Part 1.


6th anniversary photo shoot.

6th wedding anniversary. Couple 6th wedding anniversary.

Celebrating Anniversary #6

I want to tell you our child loved this and cooperated, but he took an early nap this day and it was about the challenge of our photographer’s life to get a smile out of our child. Luckily when the sun was setting and he wasn’t supposed to be with us, he gladly ran into a shot and gave a grin. Oh, how talented our friend Annie of Anne Marie Turley Photography is, she someone seems to make even the most grumpy of days turn out with at least a handful of great pics!


Family pictures at golden hour.


Anniversary #6 Photo Shoot

I think this was the first year we’ve looked at our wedding photo and thought how young those kids look! I also think it’s the first year we’ve really stopped and realized we’ve spent a few years together! We’re long out of newlywed phase, and if our marriage was personified it would be in first grade long out of baby and little kid phases. It really is amazing how quickly time flies when you’re having fun and with the right person! Wedding anniversary picture idea.

Creative wedding anniversary picture ideas.

Cute couple on a swing photo.

Can I also mention I love that Annie makes us laugh the whole time? We have so many inside jokes, so many awkward moments, and me trying to climb a tree for a shot only to realize it wasn’t going to happen with my little legs created an awkward moment that she somehow managed to make look intentional. I love those little memories and legit smiles she captures every time!

Couple picture idea climbing a tree.

But I’m loving the tradition we started last year of grabbing a silhouette picture. We tried to re-create the same one we did last year, and it’s amazing how big a baby gets in only one year, and how much fun it’s going to be seeing a similar pic every year as our child eventually turns into a giant teenager who will probably be holding his mom up some day. 🙂

Silhouette family picture idea. Cute father son picture ideas. Couple silhouette picture idea.

This is always one of my favorite posts I do each year, and definitely a favorite family tradition. I can’t recommend it enough, taking pictures together to celebrate another year, another milestone, and how you’ve changed and grown older together is such an amazing date, and one I am so happy is preserved through pictures forever.

If you want to see previous year’s shoots, here are all the links to previous anniversary posts:

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