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Inexpensive Date Ideas: 10 Date Ideas Under $10

We’re hooking you up with some of the best inexpensive date ideas at a price that will make you smile! Here are 10 date ideas under $10 for your next night out. With these dates for $10, you can date on a budget and have an awesome time. 

Inexpensive date ideas

Don’t let a tight budget stop you from going out on a weekly basis! We’re firm believers date night can be amazing even when budgets are low with the right cheap date ideas! We are all about those inexpensive date ideas so we can save for splurge date ideas later! 

These dates are also great, affordable alternatives to a stay-at-home date idea. This way you can have fun and not suffer while working towards your financial goals. If you’re really needing to cut the expenses, these inexpensive date ideas are for you! 

Inexpensive Date Ideas

Let’s keep date night on the cheap, without sacrificing quality or any of the fun! Here are 10 Inexpensive date ideas that won’t cost you more than $10! 

10 Dates Under $10

  • Farmers Markets: This date idea under $10 gives you a chance to try new, exciting treats. And even better, they come from your community at a small cost. Save some gas money by biking to the nearest Farmers Market. See our inexpensive farmer’s market date.
  • Picnic:  Ah, the iconic picnic date! The only costs for this comes from what you might need for food, drinks, or a blanket. You can definitely make a great romantic sunset picnic date night, or a lunch date happen for $10 or less! Need we say more?
  • Check out your local rec center:
    Rock climbing walls, pools, ball courts, and more. Typically a recreation center costs around $5 per person. But you can also find special events and deals to cut costs as well. Do a little homework on your local center’s site. Then find something that fits you and your date. Plus you get bonus points for active date ideas that keep you healthy!
  • Attend a local high school event:
    Do you and your spouse like sports? Or maybe you gravitate towards the arts? Whatever your pick, high schools offer entertainment at a discount. We’ve shared how this is our hack for great theater on a budget! And bonus points – this supports great programs in your community!
  • Fly a Kite:
    For $10, you can buy a really nice kite. Or, you can get a cheap kite for a few dollars. Then spend the rest on fast food or dessert with your date. Consult your weather app for wind speeds as well as cool sites like http://www.kitemap.org/. These sources will show you the best places to fly near you.


Dates for $10 or Less

  • Visit an Arcade and buy $10 worth of tokens:
    Channel your inner 80s kid and game at a local arcade. This date idea will stay in the $10 range because the token machines there basically budget your play for you.Inexpensive Date Ideas
  • Find a dance night at your local hall or bar:
    Often you can find country dancing either at a country-themed bar in your city or just on the outskirts of “suburbia.” Alternatively to country dancing, there’s also partner dancing. With a little Facebook event search or Googling, cheap swing or partner dance lessons aren’t too hard to locate either. These dates only cost $10 to simply cover the venue cost.
  • Make smores with a fire:
    This inexpensive date idea is subject to the weather wherever you live. However, it’s low-cost and fun outside. Get inspired by how we shook things up with our creative s’mores bar with this group date idea.

    Inexpensive Date Ideas Out on the Town

  • Go to your local dollar/discount movie theatre
    Unfortunately “dollar” theatres aren’t usually a dollar these days. But they’re cheaper than the $8-12 per ticket range at the normal theatre! You should be able to get in for under $10 no problem! This is a super fun alternative to “RedBox”-ing or streaming.
    If you can’t find a discount theatre nearby, check out discounted nights at regular theatres. Do your homework, save some $$$’s.
  • Attend an outdoor concert 
    Thank you, hipsters, for making this date idea under $10 popular! Many cities will host annual concerts or concert series. Check local malls, parks, and city websites for outdoor concerts near you. Experience either your local music bands or get deeply discounted with a big artist brought to town. Sometimes concerts in the park may require a low-cost admission, sometimes they’re free! If they are the latter, spend the $10 on the food trucks often floating nearby.


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