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Surprise Disney Trip Reveal Ideas (And Free Printable!)

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There are few things more exciting in parenting than surprising your kids with something they will legitimately lose their little minds over! And a surprise Disney trip reveal is one of the most fun things to put together as a parent!

Surprise! We’re Going to Disney!

We’re wrapping up our own Disney trip, and we’ve had so much fun surprising our boys and building up anticipation!

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Disney Surprise Reveal Pinterest Pin.

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Disney Trip Reveal for Kids

It doesn’t have to take a lot of work (or money, you’re spending enough of that on your trip)! But with a little creativity, the right free Disney trip reveal printable, and the perfect wrapping job later turns into a really fun surprise Disney trip reveal idea that you’ll remember forever!

There’s also a free We’re Going to Disney printable at the end of the post.

Surprise Disney trip reveal ideas.

Surprise Disney Trip Reveal Ideas

Here are 10 easy and really fun way to pull off a surprise Disney trip reveal!

Disney Balloon In a Box

  • Add balloons to a large box, and let them float up with a sign announcing “Surprise! We’re going to Disneyland!”
    When they open the box the balloons float up and the surprise is revealed.
    Tip: tape the sign to the side of the box and to the main balloon so it floats up too!


    Disney Reveal Box

  • Gift Items They Will Use For the Trip
    Grab a few Disney shirts, or proactively buy some Mickey ears from the Disney Store. Let them unwrap their new Disney apparel, autograph books, or coloring books for the trip with the surprise Disney trip reveal sign right on top!
    We are also huge fans of the Disney rides children’s books that recently came out. You may want to include a bedtime story in their Disney reveal box!


    Disney surprise vacation free printable with balloons. Disney Themed Scavenger Hunt

  • Have a Disney Scavenger Hunt
    My kids are obsessed with scavenger hunts, and a Disney scavenger hunt leading them to a Disney vacation reveal is about the most exciting thing in the world! It only takes a few clever sayings for scavenger hunt clues. Start with the first clue and send them around the house to solve a few clues to find the next hint. Then make the final clue a big reveal at the end. Print out the announcement, and let them find out your big surprise at the end!
    A surprise trip they had to search for just feels extra exciting!

    My parents did this when I was a child, and it’s still one of my favorite memories!

    Disney Vacation Packed Bags Reveal
  • Pack Their Bags Reveal
    Start by packing everything for the trip they will need. Send them to their room to find the suitcase all ready with a sign attached surprising them!
    Bonus points if you sneak in some fun Disney pajamas or t-shirts to use during their Disney World of Disneyland vacation!

    Mickey Mouse Pajamas for Disney Trip

  • Let Them Guess with some new Micky Pajamas/Shirts
    I love surprising my kids with some new pajamas that have their favorite Disney characters. We don’t do a ton of character clothes in our family, so it’s very exciting when not one but a few pairs of character jammies show up! Mickey Mouse pajamas for a Disney trip are always a sign to my kids.
    Layout the new items with Disney clothes your kids love. Let them guess what these have in common and why they might need them.
    You can put the surprise sign right on top or hide it underneath the clothes.
    P.S. We included a few character shirts in our list of What to Wear to Disneyland.
    We're going to Disney World printable with Disney shirts.
  • A Musical Surprise
    Find three Disney songs you know your family loves. I love using Disneyland Songs played in the park. Zip A Dee Do Dah, It’s a Small World, and A Pirate’s Life for Me always queue my son to think about Disney parks!
    Play the songs and ask your kids what they all have in common. When they guess it let them open a surprise envelope with the big reveal.
  • A Disney Calendar
    Gift a Disney calendar with the date circled and surprise Disney trip written boldly on the dates you’re going. You can tape the printable to the top of the calendar, or place it in the month of your trip for a big surprise! And countdown calendars help build so much excitement and anticipation for the big trip!

     Puzzle Reveal Surprise Disney Edition

  • Puzzle Reveal
    Print out the Surprise Disney Trip Printable on thicker cardstock paper. Next, cut out the pieces. Finally, have them put the puzzle together for the surprise of a lifetime!

      Letter From Mickey Mouse Inviting to Disney World (or Disneyland!)

  • Send a Letter from Mickey Mouse (or Minnie Mouse)
    It doesn’t take much, just grab a Disney font. Go ahead and write out a letter from Mickey Mouse inviting your family for the trip. Include the dates, a few fun things he’d love your family to do. And be sure to sign it Mickey!


    Kid holding a Surprise We're going to Disney Printable sign. Hey Kids!
    It’s your ol’ pal Micky Mouse!
    I’d love fo you to come join me and Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, and all my friends for a magical vacation at Walt Disney World Resort! Bring your parents and join us this June for the most magical week of your lives!
    I can’t wait to see you!
    Mickey Mouse
  • Gift a Surprise Box

    One fun way get kids excited with a Disney trip reval is to gift a box with a few items and see if they can guess. Think airport maps, their plane ticket, Disney tickets (or printable tickets pretending to be your real ticket), park maps to Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, etc. There’s no better way than giving them the information for the trip and letting them piece together the big surprise!

    We’re Going to Disney Balloon Idea

  • We’re Going to Disney Balloon Idea
    Purchase several Disney balloons from the dollar store. Have your kids do a Disney surprise treasure hunt (balloon style) following the balloons. Leave the You’re Going to Disneyland Surprise Printable (or Disney World version) at the end of the balloon trail. This is extra fun for little kids!

 Advent Calendar Countdown

Last year, we did a huge surprise trip for a Disney Cruise. We gave big hints we were leaving from Florida and used this awesome reveal as the final gift Christmas morning. But we added a few small Christmas gifts that were Disney-themed to help them guess.
One of them was a Mandalorian advent calendar. I snagged it on mega sale at the end of the holiday season, and had my boys use it the following month to countdown to our trip. The advents as a trip countdown were the biggest hit- so much so that we’re gifting bonus Disney themed Lego Advent Calendars to our kids this year with a surprise trip reveal!

Look for a free printable Disney countdown calendar, make one yourself, or buy an advent calendar to use as part of this big surprise reveal!

You’re Going to Disneyland Surprise Printable

Be sure to grab Disneyland and Disneyworld Discount Tickets and this printable and you’re all set for the best surprise ever!

Grab the Surprise You’re Going to Disneyland or Surprise You’re Going to Disney World free printable here!

Just enter your first name and email and the free download will come straight to your inbox!

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