Local Theater and the Bucks

Date Info:  Local Theater Play Price: $16-$26 per ticket Location: Hale Centre Theatre in AZ, CA, and UT  Website: Hale Centre Theatre  Food We Recommend Nearby: Oreganos, Liberty Market, Joyride Tacos  (Please don’t mind the extremely poor image- it was super dark!) We absolutely love Hale Center Theatre! It’s a unique set up with a 360 style theater,… Read More

Bodies, LGO, and Charlie Sheen

  Date Info: Bodies the Exhibition Price: Around $30 a person, but you can often find a BYGO free Location: Science and Event Centers- traveling exhibit Website: Bodies The Exhibition  When Groupon did a buy one get one free, we knew that seeing Bodies The Exhibition was a must for a date night! We’ve both seen it before, thought… Read More

The Honeymoon- Our 24/7 Date

We spent our honeymoon on a cruise. It was like an awesome 24/7 week-long date! If anyone needs to: 1.Sleep 2. Relax 3. Enjoy great food 24/7 that you don’t have to cook 4. Get away 5. Revamp your love life 6. See something new and amazing 7. Meet new people 8. Spend a lot… Read More

  • I will never be the same   Theres nothinghellip
  • I knew Id be happy sitting on the couch talkinghellip
  • Seeing new cities and visiting new places with my favoritehellip
  • I cant get over how amazingly beautiful Switzerland is! Ihellip
  • Its amazing how even when youre far from home hellip
  • Good news we survived the long flights with a toddlerhellip