Utah Date Night Ideas- Guest Post from Life with Amberly and Joe

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Utah Date Night Ideas

After finishing up our summer beat-the-heat getaway in Utah posts, it is only appropriate that I get to share a guest post from one of the sweetest, coolest girls you will ever meet- Amberly from Life with Amberly and Joe. This girl will inspire your marriage and remind you to be a positive person treating everyone kindly. She loves blogging, she loves bloggers, and she really loves healthy, happy marriages!

I got to meet her the night Alt ended, and her bubbly personality just made me grin. We instantly said “We should guest post for each other sometime!” and we decided that a post talking about why Utah is a great getaway location for a summer getaway from her, and why AZ is a great winter getaway from me would be a fun swap. I guess everyone has to wait for mine, because AZ is not a fun place to be right now. Utah on the other hand- PERFECTION!

So enough of my ranting, let’s chat about Utah date night ideas! Here’s some ideas to Escape the Heat with a Date Night in Utah from the lovely Amberly!

I’ve been watching temperatures in some of the warmer states lately and I’ve noticed that 100 has been the low. Here in Utah, we had a few days that reached about 100 to 105 and every person I know complained that they were melting and it was too hot to find the motivation to do anything. I can only imagine how those of you living in southern states have felt all summer! If you’re looking to escape the heat and take a romantic getaway with your spouse, Utah is the perfect place to go for some fun dates and adventure. We have a lot of great activities to help you beat the heat during the day and our summer nights are gorgeous.

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Date Ideas Utah

Temple Square is a definite must see when you’re visiting Utah and the perfect place for a day date. The Salt Lake Temple grounds are beautiful and fun to explore. There are a few museums and a visitor’s center full of fun history and information and The Legacy Theater (located inside The Joseph Smith Memorial building) shows a great film daily for free. If you’re in Salt Lake on a Sunday, you can hear the world famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform if you attend their weekly Music and the Spoken Word program. Two great places to eat on Temple Square are The Lion House Pantry and The Roof Restaurant. Movies Under the Stars are a fun way to switch up the common dinner and a movie date night and are the perfect activity for a summer night. There are quite a few venues around the valley that offer this type of summer entertainment, but this particular event in the avenues is one of our favorites. You can take a tour of the Utah State Capitol, grab dinner from one of our many, great Salt Lake City Eats and come back to enjoy an evening of local talent and a family friendly movie. Many people even bring their air mattresses for comfort.

^^ Enjoying summer movies in the park ^^

Utah Date Ideas

Lagoon brings out the kid in everyone and makes for a perfect summer day that leaves you with lots of memories. Rides, carnival games, live entertainment, Lagoon-a-Beach, and amusement park food guarantee that there will be something for both of you to enjoy and you’ll never run out of things to do. Farmington Station Park is our favorite place to hang out together after a long work week. They have a variety of restaurants to eat at, and fun shops to explore. The atmosphere around the fountains is perfect for conversation and relaxation at the end of your night. I could sit there for hours and enjoy great quality time with my husband. Thanksgiving Point always has something going on and you are guaranteed to never get bored there. The gardens are beautiful and the perfect place to hold hands and take a romantic stroll or even have a picnic. At one end of the gardens, there is a beautiful man made waterfall that becomes the backdrop to great concerts at night. You could also check out the fun museums, shops and restaurants around the area.

^^ Exploring the Thanksgiving Point Gardens ^^

Full Moon Lift Rides at Sundance Resort are probably one of the most romantic things you could do on a summer night. I haven’t experienced one myself yet (though a date night is in the works), but I’ve heard amazing things about them. It gets pretty cold up there, even on the hottest summer days, so you’ll want to dress accordingly. The scenery in the area is beautiful too! The Food Truck Roundups in Utah County are legendary and I’m always jealous when I see pictures on Instagram from my friends who are in attendance. This would be the perfect place for a group date because everyone could order something different and then you’d get a chance to sample something from a lot of different food trucks. The Deer Valley Music Festival in Park City is one of our family’s favorite things to attend in the summer. They host a variety of talent throughout the summer and their concerts always have a really fun theme. People lay their blankets out on the ski hill and spend the night singing and dancing right along with the entertainment on stage. You are guaranteed to get some great people watching opportunities at these events as well, which we always consider a bonus!

^^ Cooling off in Park City on a summer day ^^

The Alpine Coaster and Flying Eagle Zipline are more fun activities that can be found in the Park City area. Park City is probably the best place to escape the heat during the summer and get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. They have fun places to shop, great places to eat and activities for everyone to enjoy. The Utah mountains are full of Hiking Trails if you’re looking for a more active date activity. Mt. Timpanogos is a really good hike and it at the top of the mountain you get to tour a pretty cool cave that gets you out of the heat for a little while. There is bound to be a good hiking trail close by no matter where you are in Utah.

^^ A little hike ^^

Almost everyone in Utah visits Bear Lake at least once every summer I’m pretty sure. Growing up, my family went on a trip there every year. We love Raspberry Days and the delicious shakes you can find in Garden City. The lake is beautiful and warm and a lot of fun, and there are so many different things and places to stay in the area. The Heber Valley Railroad is another activity that we haven’t done yet but really hope to experience soon! Depending on the season, there are themed rides and I’ve heard that the scenery is beautiful. A train ride would be a really nice, relaxing date for summer. This is only a small handful of what Utah has to offer. There are so many other exciting things to do here, and I’d love to share more ideas with you if you decide to make a trip here. E-mail me and I will send you some more of my favorite date night activities and restaurants depending on where you plan to stay and how long you will be here. Make sure to let me know when you’re here because Joe and I would love to join you in some of your adventures!


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